Benefits Of An Egress Window

What exactly is an egress window? A question Victoria waterproofing contractors often get asked is, what is an egress window? An egress window is a window in your basement that provides a safe exit in case of a fire. Sadly many cases are occurring

How To Pack Soft Goods

Most of us think that furniture and electronics are the only important things that need extra care when moving. A lot of people often overlook other things such as pillows, curtains, blankets, and rugs. Soft goods can accumulate dust and mould if they are

The Most Common Electrical Code Violations

Can you imagine life without electricity? Difficult to picture out? For many years, electricity has been a vital part of our lives. It provides comfort and convenience to our daily living. Without it, we can’t use the appliances and gadgets we have today. Electricity

3 Tips To Prevent Mold In Your Home

Finding out your home has a mold problem is something no one wants to hear. Mold may be good for making brie or penicillin but it can be very bad especially if it has been growing undetected in your home. Mold spores spread easily

The Only Moving Checklist You’ll Ever Need

Preparing for your move should really begin weeks if not months before the actual moving day the key is organization. Listed below are some time guidelines from one of the best Nanaimo moving companies to keep you on track. 8 Weeks before the move

Warning Signs Of Mold

Discovering you have mold in your home may have you feeling many different things. You may feel disgusted, a little embarrassed that you have not noticed the problem and allowed it to invade your home unchecked. Putting your home up for sale may even