10 Bay Window Designs We Can’t Get Enough Of!

Bay windows add elegance, beauty and additional space to home. However, not all homeowners have access to this aspect since its a consideration made during planning and construction of the building and cannot be artificially created. That said, those who are lucky enough to have this luxury should make the best use of it.

When looked at, from the outside, bay windows come across as a projected geometric projection of the building, which can be a smooth curve or a a semi-hexagonal shape. Moreover, when looked at from the inside of the house, they add a wonderful dimension to rooms adding more than just some extra space.

10 Best Bay Window Designs

Bay windows can be a part of any room in the house including dining, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living room. And there are numerous ways you can make them look fabulous. If you’re lucky enough to have a bay window in your home and you haven’t been able to figure out how to make the best use of it, here are 10 designs that have been trending and personally, my favorites!

10 Bay Window Designs We Can't Get Enough Of!

While I have laid down the basic ideas, it’s up to you to work them up, if you choose any from these.

In the Bedroom –

1) Possibly the most common and the best way one can use a bay window is by creating a reading nook out of it. One could either get a recliner or a custom made divan with lots of cushions.

2) As a personal home office space with a table, an adjoining bookshelf and a comfy chair.

3) One can consider merging the headboard of the bed with the bay windows for a seamless look.

4) The bay window area can also be used to create a fancy cabinet where you can show off you’re collection of antiques.

5) If there’s a bay window in your child’s room, you can use it to create a play area for him/ her by placing cushioned rugs and tossing colorful cushions across it.

6) If you’re low on budget, consider using the bay area as a accent corner by simply using elaborate curtains that match your bedroom decor.

In the Living Room –

7) As a breakfast table or an elaborate dining table where you’ll benefit from ample natural light. You could work it up with a fancy light that matches your home decor.

8) You could also create a personal lounge with your bay window space by either installing a cabinet cum seating or simply have a mattress and rugs with plenty of cushions thrown across.

9) If the bay area is small, you could simply place an accent table, an antique vase atop it along with fresh flowers.

In the Kitchen/ Bathroom –

10) The best way to use bay space in the kitchen or bathroom area is by installing a wash basin right under it.

Have more ideas to share? How did you go about decorating your bay windows? Share your thoughts and experiences with me below.