10 Ways Plants Could Endanger Your Roof

Taking care of your roof is one of the more important tasks around the house.  Usually everyone will perform regular maintenance, from snow removal to moss cleanup.  However, sometimes the biggest threats to your roof are from an unexpected source around the house that we grow ourselves.  The plants, namely trees and other foliage in our yard proposed the biggest threat to the integrity of our roofs.  Below are 10 ways the plants in our yard’s could be endangering our roof.

10 Ways Plants Could Endanger Your Roof

1. Mould

Rooftop vines can hinder rain and snow runoff.  This leads to water buildup below, these vines, which is a dark and damp environment and encourage mould growth.

2.  Pests

Climbing vines create a ladder and ease of access from the ground straight to your rooftop.  This can lead to problems with invasive species of ants, mites, and roaches or rodents like mice and squirrels.

3.  Structural Damage

Strong vines can penetrate structures easily by removing shingles.  Some species of vines are aggressive enough to raise a roof completely.  Most vines are easily trimmable but once penetration occurs you will need to contact your a roof repair Vancouver company for repairs.

4.  Moss

Moss’s tiny roots are able to find openings and imperfection in your roof shingles and latch on for dear life.  This compromises the roof seals, can cause shingle loss, and lead to wind intrusion.

5.  Water Damage

Moss just like vines, form in a moist environment that is protected from direct sunlight.  This encourages mould growth and can rot your shingles.

6.  Pests

Adult trees that have overgrown are almost like an express lane right to your roof.  Overgrown trees can provide access to a number of pests like raccoons, rats & mice, and squirrels.  Once they are on the roof these pests can scratch and claw away at your shingles and enter your attic through the roof.

7.  Structural Damage

If long branches touch your roof or grow directly above it poses a threat to your roof.  Broken and fallen branches can leave holes and damage the shingles.  The constant abrasion can also harm the shingles and rub away at them sometimes removing them completely.

8.  Clogged Gutters

Leafs can get caught in the gutters leading the poor drainage.  This can cause rot that may even extend to your rafters.

9.  Invasive Growth

Fallen leaves can form drifts in the crevices in your roof which is ideal growing conditions for invasive species such as moss, mould, and weeds

10.  Rot

As leaves decompose on top of your roof, they can form rot that can penetrate your shingles  and cause extensive damage.

If you have any concerns about your roofing and how your external landscape is affecting it call Kanga Roofing.  They can evaluate the situation and make suggestions to curb the negative side effects.