2014 Home Decor Trends For Fall

Now that autumn is almost here, it’s time for homeowners to get their indoor living spaces ready for the cold months ahead. Most people tend to spend more time at home during the winter, and they certainly spend more time indoors; so fall is a great time to ensure that home interiors are attractive, warm, and welcoming. Following are five home decorating trends for fall of 2014.

Colorful Kitchens

Neutral kitchen color schemes are being replaced by deep jewel tones accented with brass plumbing fixtures and gleaming chrome appliances. Countertops made of composite materials such as crushed stones such as agates are also a popular look for this year’s kitchens. Polished concrete is a major flooring trend in kitchens this year as well, especially in warm weather climates because the concrete helps keep household temperatures down.

Shades of Blue

Blue has been big in home decor this year, and it’s still going strong going into fall. Turquoise is this fall’s “it” color,  but homeowners need to be careful not to go overboard with it. Instead of painting the walls turquoise, for instance, use turquoise accents on trim or purchase small accessories such as throw rugs, cute curtains, table lamps, pillows, and more in turquoise shades. You can paint one small accent wall in that color and accessorize the area around it with items in complementary tones.

2014 Home Decor Trends For Fall

Reclaimed Wood

The use of reclaimed wood in home remodeling projects is quickly turning from a trend into a classic. It’s used in flooring, on walls, and for shelving and comes from structures such as barns, old homes, factories, and warehouses that are being torn down. The reason why reclaimed wood is so durable is that it was taken from the heartwood of old growth trees — this dense, tough wood can last for centuries.

If you enjoy woodworking, consider making furniture out of reclaimed wood. It’s a wonderful hobby, and you’ll end up with some unique pieces that will last a lifetime.

Vintage Accent Pieces

The distressed, shabby chic look is still with use, but instead of entire rooms being decorated in this theme, this year’s focus is on vintage accent pieces mixed in with modern furniture and home accessory options. For instance, you might want to put use an old brass bed frame with a comfortable new mattress and fabulous designer bedding. Antique mirrors are also an important vintage accessory this year, particularly ones that are large enough to place on the wall.

Timeless Classics

The quirky and kitschy home decorating trends of recent years are giving way to the  resurgence of classics in major furniture items. Think large, chintz covered couches and Amish dining room tables — striving for a comfortable and easy look and feel, instead of self consciously edgy. This will result in your home being a pleasant and relaxing place to be. Every home should have a few classics, because trends come and go, but the value and appeal of classics don’t change throughout the years.

Mix and match these trends, or design your homes interior with your favorite. These are the fall trends of 2014.

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