4 Things To Consider When Painting Your Home

House painting can be a great way to liven up the space. However it’s often hard to pick the right paint and finish for different rooms. So, if you are looking to paint your house and you are confused about what paint to choose, worry not. Follow this guide in order to choose the right paint finish for your home.

Detail Painting or Wall Painting:

If you are looking to give a pop of color to a small part of your room, such as wall trimmings or small cabinets then you can go with a gloss finish. This finish will provide a great light reflection due to its high sheen. Such a finish is great for hiding imperfections of the trim or a cabinet, however when applied to all walls can give a feeling of plastic. If you are looking to do a feature wall that contains imperfections it is best to combine semi gloss and gloss paint in order to play on the light reflection. Painting small fixtures with gloss paint is relatively easy however the task gets more difficult as the area of painting gets larger.

4 Things To Consider When Painting Your Home

Purpose of the Room:

When painting a room color choice is no longer an issue, you can go as vibrant as you like. However one must be very careful in picking the paint finish for a specific room. It’s important to consider the purpose of the room when picking you paint finish. If you are painting your child’s room or kitchen room, satin would be the best paint finish. The best part of satin wall painting is the washable property it holds, which is perfect for kitchen and little children. For bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms, velvet or flat paint finish is highly recommended as it gives an eggshell appearance that reduces glare, perfect for media room and family rooms.

Presence of Children:

Children and pets have a lot of energy and can express their emotions creatively. In order to avoid constant repainting when your child gets a hold of a pen, it is best to choose paint finishes that are washable. Washable paints require little elbow grease and detergent to remove the stains.

Presence of Wall Imperfections:

If you have unequal walls, little cracks or slopes don’t despair and don’t call the contractor. There is a cheaper and simpler solution to your problem. Having a velvet, semi-gloss and gloss paint on walls can reduce the visible imperfections and save you some contractor charges.

There is a lot of finishes that are available for you to choose from. However they can go horrible wrong when are handled by non-professionals. When painting your home, or painting your room consider hiring a professional painter in order to get the perfect wall finish.

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