5 Steps To Successful Hibernating At Home This Winter

Winter is upon us, and that means it is time to settle into warm habits and indoor recreation. But just because it is cold outside, does not mean there can’t be lots of fun going on inside. Follow these eight steps to a successful hibernation this season.

1. Don’t Stop Moving

Unlike bears and other animals who can take a winter-long nap, people need to keep their bodies moving. Exercise is important all year long. But when temperatures are plummeting and daylight fades fast, it can feel difficult to keep yourself motivated.

In order to beat the urge to stay in bed or cozied up on the couch, find an exercise buddy to help pull you out of the house for a walk or over the gym in the evenings. Finding the right partner will keep you in shape even after the gusto of New Year’s resolutions wears off.

When your buddy is busy, try indoor workout videos or ball and weight exercises. A larger investment such as a treadmill or elliptical machine might not even be a bad idea if it works to get you moving everyday.

5 Steps To Successful Hibernating At Home This Winter

2. Baked Goods Galore

After you have worked up a sweat and burned your calories for the day, it’s time to come inside and bake. Winter is a wonderful time of year for all kinds of festive recipes like:

•Cinnamon rolls


•Sugar Cookies


Pick out a few of your family favorites and work together to enjoy creating wonderful baked goods.

3. Soup of the Day

And while you at work in the kitchen, it is also the perfect season for comforting soups. Whether you are a classic chicken noodle kind of person or you enjoy experimenting with new butternut squash bisques, the colder months are the optimal time to stir a stock pot or throw ingredients into a crock pot. At the end of the day, you will have a nice hot broth to enjoy.

Soups can also be a healthy alternative. Lentil, chicken tortilla and minestrone are just some examples of recipes that are bursting with fresh vegetables. Sometimes it can be more difficult to include vegetables in a winter diet when it is easier to crave warm hot creamy and bready foods. But vegetable soups offer the nutrients your body needs along with the comfort of warm food.

4. Entertainment Time

When dinner is over, it is time to snuggle up for your favorite shows and classic movies. Save money on your service by researching new providers like Direct TV. Whether you are searching for Direct TV in Texas or California, you will find great deals at affordable prices to make sure you have hours of great programming to keep you busy this winter.

5. Build a Fire

Our final commandment on this list of winter activities is that you learn how to build a good fire. Many homes offer a wood burning stove or a traditional fireplace, and winter is definitely the season to perfect your Boy or Girl Scout skills. The crackling sounds and wood smells create the perfect ambience. Regular fires can also help you save money on your energy bills by cutting down on the electricity or gas used when running a heater.

Although hibernating does not mean you should stay in your house from December through February, it does mean that the pace of life gets altered a little bit with the cooling of the weather and the dimming of daylight. But using these five important steps, you will be ready to say, “Bring it on winter!” Enjoy the joy of hibernating this season.