5 Tips on Designing Your Bathroom

Designing, redesigning or renovating your bathroom can be a daunting task. As one of the most regularly used rooms of your home, a well-designed bathroom can make all the difference in the world. Here are a few things to consider when in the process of setting up your bathroom.


Spacing is important for any room, but bathrooms usually have relatively small square footage. If spacing and openness is not considered it is easy for your bathroom to begin to feel claustrophobic. Try using a clear shower screen and a large, ornate mirror.

Tough Flooring

Your bathroom floors are going to get wet. That is inevitable. Be sure to choose your flooring accordingly. Stone, granite or marble tiles are popular choices. These can be outfitted with heating coils that warm up these hard surfaces for maximum comfort.

Bathroom design

Sit in your Future bath

As ridiculous as you may feel in the store, you should really sit down in a bath before buying it. You may find that that your needs are best suited with something of a different size or shape. Everybody has different criteria when it comes to comfort, so go see for yourself how this tub feels. You do not want to purchase and install an expensive bathtub only to find out it is uncomfortable.


A relaxing bath or a very early morning can be ruined by cold hard lighting. By cold lighting, we mean the type of lighting you find in most schools and hospitals. Instead try warm lighting. Warm lighting is the type of light you would find in a spa. It is of an orange hue. It may seem like a very small difference, but good lighting can make or break a room.


Renovating or designing a bathroom is quite an expensive process, so cutting corners and looking for cheaper alternatives can be very tempting. While you should obey your budget and stick to what you can afford, it is recommended you find one piece of luxury to splurge on. Find out what the one thing you really want is. It could be a large expensive mirror/cabinet combo, heated floors or even a television mounted in the wall. It doesn’t quite matter what it is, so long as you make sure that you splurge on that one thing you want most. That one bit of luxury will make the whole room feel updated and luxurious.

If you feel overwhelmed by the work required to design and build a new bathroom, don’t worry. There are professional bathroom designers out there who will be delighted to help you with your project. A great designer can guide you in the processes of choosing the colors of your bathroom, its style and the acquisition of important parts such as your bath and your flooring.

This concludes our article on tips on designing your bathroom. We hope that it helped you in your bathroom makeover project and if you need more help, do not hesitate to contact a local bathroom designer.