5 Tips To Improve Your Office Space

For many people their office is their second home, and for some their office is in their home. For either person, taking pride in your office and workspace can lead to a happier and better work life. When decorating or renovating your office space you should focus on a few key things so that you really set yourself up for success.

1. Equipment

If you are in an office, chances are you are going to be using some sort of tool to get work done. In most cases that tool will be a computer. Make sure to really invest in a great computer that is quick and has all the functionality that you need because chances are this will be your source of income.  With a great computer you also need some back up cast like an all in one printer, scanner, and fax machine. And in order to make sure all of this runs smoothly you need to have a fast and reliable internet connection, frontier internet in Seattle is a great place to get started.

2. First Impressions

It only takes about fifteen seconds for a person to decide if they trust or if they like you. Sometimes they have already made up their mind on the way to your office. Make sure the outside of your office is up kept and looks clean. Is the exterior safe and inviting? Does it look clean? These are a few things that you might not notice, but all of your clients and customers do.

5 Tips To Improve Your Office Space

3. Spice It Up 

You should definitely add some color to your office. Neutral colors are better for more conservative things like finance, but bold colors can be great for more creative lines of work like advertising or marketing. There is a whole field of psychology dedicated to colors and the way that they make you feel. Red is aggressive and could be good for a business office. Make sure to incorporate your company’s logo into the color scheme.

4. Finding Furniture

Office furniture can be extremely expensive, even discount stores or buying in bulk can set you back by a pretty penny. Try taking a more unconventional approach to this. Use things that normally would not be found in an office like really long workbenches or something fun and creative to make the space warm and inviting. This is especially great for marketing or advertising firms; an office that thinks out of the box for furniture is definitely going to think out of the box for other things.

5. Positioning

It really is all about where things are placed, that can determine the flow of the office. You want to place yourself in a position of power where your computer screen is private and you are able to greet clients and customers. You also want to be able to communicate with your staff or coworkers freely. Also if you have natural light, use it! Natural light keeps the mood fun and gives energy to the people in contact with it.