6 Tips On Hot Tub Safety

Hot tubs are great for relaxing in and enjoying time with loved ones. Like with many items that are used for recreation purposes, there can be some hazards to be on the lookout before, during, and after you use your hot tub. Here are a few tips for ensured hot tub safety.

6 Tips On Hot Tub Safety

Make sure hot tub users have bathed before sitting inside

You and the others who will use your hot tub should cleanse themselves of any lotions or dirts that they may have on their skin that could get into the water. Anything that could threaten the cleanliness of the water should be kept away, in order to lessen the chance that anyone could develop health concerns as a result.

Check out the odor of the water

A hot tub’s water should not smell strongly of chemicals–or really have any smell at all. If there is a strong smell coming from the water, you should take this as a sign that there is a maintenance issue with the tub.

Keep the inside tiles smooth

Tiles that are slippery or sticky are a sign that more thorough cleaning should be completed. Emptying the tub to be able to fully clean them may be beneficial.

Listen for the sound of the filtration system and pumps running

When the hot tub is powered on, you should be able to tell from the sounds coming from the systems. If anything is unusually quiet, take note and look into the issue.

Know the correct temperature for the water and proper chlorine level

The water’s temperature should not be higher than 40 degrees celsius, and there should be no more than two to four parts per million of chlorine, four to six parts per million or bromine, and 7.2 to 7.8 parts per million of pH. You can test the disinfectant levels by purchasing a pool and hot tub test strip for this purpose at a hardware store or hot tubs dealer.

Know your own personal limits for hot tub use

Don’t use the hot tub when you are sick with diarrhea, and never get hot tub water near your mouth. You should also check with your doctor if you are pregnant before you step inside, and avoid letting kids under the age of 5 from partaking. Also refrain from letting more than the recommended number of people from entering the tub, so everyone’s enjoyment can be maintained.