7 DIY Storage Tips For The Home

If you’re in the position where it always seems like your house is cluttered no matter how often you clean it, you can probably use some new suggestions on how to organize your space. Perhaps you have kids or just a lot of stuff and not as much space as you wanted.

Either way, it’s completely possible to organize your home by following some storage tips. Even better, these are all completely DIY, so if you’re low on cash or trying to budget a home remodeling project, you can certainly afford all of these storage methods.

Use Storage Containers

The most common means of storing items in your house, storage containers come in a range of sizes. Some can store smaller items while other containers are meant to hold heavy-duty household objects. Storage containers really make a difference in kids’ bedrooms, play areas, and the kitchen. Try to invest in transparent containers so that you can easily see what’s in them in case you need an object right away.

7 DIY Storage Tips For The Home

Try a Shoe Organizer

If your closet has become a jungle of mismatched shoes, it can be embarrassing to open your closet door. You may waste time in the mornings looking for two matching shoes. In that case, a shoe organizer can make a big difference. These organizers have shelves where you can clearly display two matching shoes. You can now open your closet, see what you need, grab it, and go.

Rev up for Truck Storage

Pickup trucks are ideal for toting heavy materials, but they can go one step further in regards to storage. You can actually install shelves into the bed of a pickup that you can use to store whatever small items you want. You can keep jumper cables or other car parts on hand or even tools and handy objects.

Drink with a Wine Rack

Wine connoisseurs or those with a home bar may have a difficult time storing their spirits in a space where the bottles aren’t at risk of falling or being damaged. A wine rack, whether you store wine or other types of alcohol, can quickly organize your drink collection in an attractive manner. You can possibly even hang your fanciest glasses on the rack for quick access.

Let Headboards Do Double Duty

If you have children, a headboard with cubbyholes and shelves will appeal to them if the headboard has an attractive and kid-friendly design. You’ll love it because it’s an ideal place to store smaller items like toys, knick-knacks, and books. Some headboards may even have enough space for you to put some clothes, which cleans up your child’s room even more. If you’re used to a perpetually messy space for your child, their room is about to look a lot cleaner.

Don’t Throw out Your Jars

If you have spare empty jars lying around, don’t toss these. You can adhere their lids to the bottom of shelves in some rooms. If you have small items like ponytail holders or bobby pins for the girls or screws or nails for the boys then you won’t have to worry about losing these tiny necessities again.

Hide Your Valuables with Floor Storage

In the case of family heirlooms, expensive valuables, or anything else that you wish to remain private, you can possibly add storage compartments right into the floor. This storage option obviously requires hardwood flooring. However, by taking some extra time with this DIY storage option, no one will ever find what you hide.

+Jodi Call  has spent the last 12 years taking on home remodel and decorating projects. She blogs regularly offering tips and advice for your home decorating needs at Bedbathstore.com