8 Craftsman Home Architecture Characteristics

As one of the most well known architectural home styles, craftsman homes are recognized by their attention to clean lines and natural materials that favor the Arts and Crafts movement. The craftsman style is a reflection on hand crafted traditional design elements such as hardwood flooring, exposed wooden beams, outdoor porches, and unique interior design touches.

Here are eight characteristics of craftsman homes:

1. Outdoor Entryway

Whether it’s a wrap around porch or simply a front porch, most craftsman homes have an outdoor space that’s inviting. These porches are usually offset by a wooden fence, a brick wall, or a stone a wall and are offset by tapered square columns. Add a porch swing, a rocking chair, or a small table and chairs for a charming home entryway.

2. Curb Appeal

Craftsman homes have outdoor architectural details that set the homes apart from other home styles. Apart from the porch, these types of homes usually have attractive doors and windows that face the street in an attempt to welcome others in with their unique beauty and charm. Additionally, stone walkways and detailed gardens complement the home’s visual appeal.

3. Fireplace

When it comes to the interior of a craftsman home, the fireplace is usually the home’s focal point in the living room. The fireplace, at one time, was the heart of the home, and even though most people today do not spend as much time around the fireplace as they once did, that idea has remained true in the style of craftsman homes.

8 Craftsman Home Architecture Characteristics

4. Exposed Wood Beams

Nothing reflects hand craftsmanship quite like exposed wooden beams. Wood beams offer a sense of warmth and they feel homey. They are pure and unprocessed, and reflect a natural, unhurried lifestyle. Usually wood beams are untreated woods, but they can range from redwood to oak to plywood to any kind of wood that reflects your style.

5. Built-Ins

A unique element to craftsman homes is wooden features, much like exposed wood beams. Often craftsman homes have wooden built-ins like cabinets, bookshelves, alcoves, etc. These built-in features reveal the handcrafted element craftsman homes are known for. Instead of plain, cookie cutter homes, craftsman homes bring charming characteristics that are one-of-a-kind.

6. Trim

Another unique characteristic of craftsman homes is the wooden windowsills and frames, thick wood doorframes, and ornate baseboards and crown molding. Each of these details provides the home with welcoming qualities and a sense of familial warmth.

7. Wainscoting

Often craftsman homes have some sort of wainscoting throughout the home. Usually more formal rooms such as the living room or dining room have wainscoting that goes about halfway up the wall, which provides visual elegance within the rooms. In the foyer and the stairwell, wainscoting often extends from floor to ceiling to create a dramatic entrance.

8. Garage Doors

To complete the look, the garage doors are usually detailed to match both the front door and the outdoor windows to create a sense of harmony within the exterior.