A Brief Guide On The Kind Of Packaging Materials

The growing importance of self-service marketing has boosted the role of packaging in the marketing mix. The importance of product packing is best highlighted by its outer appearance and its quality. Just visit a supermarket, and you will realize that there are thousands of products, a shopper gets through in a fraction of minutes. To grab the attention of the target consumers, it becomes essential to display packages in a form that is commendable. Only a well-packaged product encourages the customers to buy a certain product or a brand.

There are several materials used as packages for the outer covering of the product. Some of the commonly used materials are:

Glass – Glass is often used in the packaging industry. It does not only make your product look more interesting and neat, but also makes it appear shinier. Packaging manufacturers make use of the glass as these are heat resistant and can be molded into several shapes. Just because these are a fragile material, it is imperative to handle it with care.

Open Cardboard Box with packing peanuts

Metals – Most of the food products are often available in the metal packages. The durability and tough exterior of the metal have made it one of the most reliable and desired material for meeting the packaging needs of the industry. Metals are often available in the form of a drink and aerosol cans and drums.

Plastic – Needless to say, plastic is one of the highly used materials for packing. These are cheap and lightweight and at the same time offer protection to the product. The great thing is that these can be labeled and decorated with ease, and the cost associated with its labeling and decoration is lower compared to the other materials.

Pressed paperboards – You must have been through film sealed meal packages in the supermarkets that are highly durable. Not to mention, these are very expensive form of packing materials and requires huge investment.

Aluminium – Aluminium is highly used for packing several confectionery and other food items. One of the advantages of metal crating is that moisture cannot get inside these packages for damaging the integrity of the product.

Molded Fiber –  This kind of material is paper based and recyclable in nature. It is made of water and newspaper for converting into custom packages. It is aesthetically appealing and is generally gray or white in color.

Foamed Polystyrene – This is another form of packaging solution that can be easily molded into complex packaging designs and are mostly available in bright colors. This kind of packaging is heat resistant and can be nuked. It is used for packing goods like lid containers.

With the advancing technology, even the advancement in the field of packaging is evident. It is important to promote a material that is based on the parameters of quality and suits your budget.

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