A Guide To Moving Abroad Including Your Pets

When faced with moving home or spending prolonged periods of time abroad, many people worry about what to do with their beloved pets and belongings. Fears of quarantines, stringent rules and putting their pet through the stress of a long distance move can dissuade owners from taking their pets abroad. Concern over high shipping prices and damage the belongings can make would-be movers thing twice about travelling overseas.

Fortunately, these fears are unfounded. If you are concerned or want to know more about moving abroad with your pets and your belongings, read on for information and guidance.

Your Pet

The first thing that many pet owners are surprised to learn is that there is no need to place their pet in quarantine when travelling within the EU, as long as certain criteria are followed. The term ‘pet’ here refers to cats, dogs and ferrets; there are no restrictions on, rabbits, birds, most fish, reptiles, rodents and amphibians for travel within the EU.

Firstly, the pet must travel within five days of the owner. If this is not possible, another set of guidelines must be followed that require health certificates and approval from the Animal and Plant Health Agency.


Dogs, cats and ferrets must be vaccinated against rabies regardless of whether they are to be transported within or outside of the EU. Pets should be twelve weeks old or older when vaccinated and must be micro-chipped prior to the vaccination. The vaccine must be approved by the government in the country of administration and it must be administered according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

If the pet is to be transported within the EU, the vaccination must be administered at least three whole weeks before the day of travel. Once three weeks has passed since the date of the vaccination, the pet can travel within the EU as long as it has regular booster vaccinations, according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Select a removal company that can look after your pet as well as your belongings. It is important to check that they are well equipped to feed and home your pet whilst you make the journey over to your destination. For a reputable firm who specialise in both pet transport and home moves, visit http://www.ukcsomagszallitas.com.

Your Belongings

Before selecting your removal company it is important to do a stock-take of your belongings to spec-up your requirements. This is an ideal time to do a clear out and recycle or throw out any belongings you’ve been hoarding over the years.

Ask the removal company for a quotation before agreeing a contract. There are a number of factors they will take into account. When drawing up a quotation the removal company will ask a number of things. How far are you moving? How much stuff do you want transporting? How fast do you need to complete the move? Do you require packaging? Are there any particularly valuable items in your inventory?

Once a price has been agreed, draw up a contract in writing. Whilst this may feel a little formal, it protects you from unscrupulous removal companies and will help ensure moving day goes smoothly and to plan.

Before moving day there are a number of ways you can prepare your belongings for transportation, which will help protect them as well as speed up the moving process. Prepare your belongings for packaging, or package yourself where possible and leave things in an easy to access, organised fashion for the removal firm to collect. Ensure you have emptied and defrosted your fridge-freezer and have emptied and packed away any clothes or belongings from wardrobes and draws involved in the move.

Things to consider for both your pet and belongings include overnight storage, the time it will take for the move to complete and the level of insurance you and the company are covered for. Overnight stays must be safe and secure, and pets should be provided for accordingly. Ensure your pet and belongings are adequately covered by insurance too before commencing the move.

By following these tips and planning your move carefully there’s no reason you can’t move abroad with minimal stress. At the end of the day, picking a competent removal company will play a large part in how successful the move is so take time to ensure you hire the right men and women for the job.