Adding Pattern To Unexpected Places In Your Home

Using pattern in your home décor brightens and livens up any room. It adds visual interest and style to any home. Pattern is no new concept in home décor, but today people are taking more risks when using patterns in their decorating process.

The rules for mixing patterns have been thrown out the window, but now also the rules for where pattern can be placed in your home are being revamped. You can try out new uses for pattern to create a unique space that is visually pleasing to you and your guests. Here are some ideas for adding pattern to unexpected places in your home.

On your Staircase

Stairs take on a lot of damage over the years. It seems like they constantly look scuffed and dented no matter what you do. A great way to hide or cover up these little imperfections is to use pattern. Try using an easy patterned wall paper over the front of your stairs for a fun pop of color. You can also consider painting a pattern on the front or top of your stairs for a one-of-a-kind look. This is a great way to let your kids help in the home decorating, letting them loose with a paint brush and their own artistic abilities.

Adding Pattern To Unexpected Places In Your Home

To Cover up Eyesores

Every home has those little things that just seem to distract you, no matter what design you put into place. Using patterns is a great way to cover up those little eyesores and give your home a clean and polished look. One idea is using a patterned box to hold your DIRECT TV box, internet router or other unsightly technology. For another easy fix, used patterned electrical tape wrapped around all those obnoxious wires in your home to make them blend in with the rest of your home’s style. These ideas are easy and inexpensive for anyone to do, even if you are not crafty or artistic.

Cohesive Patterns from Curtains to Walls

You no longer have to limit yourself to pattern just in a few selected places in each room. You can create stunning looks using an over pattern theme that will make your home look expensive and fresh. Consider finding some patterned curtains, and stenciling that same pattern on your walls in the same color palette. Because it is the same pattern and color, the whole room will look fluid and easy instead of busy and messy.

Over your Furniture

The patterned statement chair is making a comeback, but this time it’s hitting all the furniture in your home. You can reupholster any piece of furniture in your home with a great pattern that will make any old and outdated piece look new again. Some examples are your headboard, foot stool, couch, dining room chairs and even lampshades. Before you throw out another piece of old furniture, consider first what you can do to save it with pattern, you will be surprised how much more use you can get out of every old piece in your home.