Area Rug Maintenance

Area rugs are a good interior design feature that define space and brighten up a small corner. They come in a huge variety or fibers, textures, colors and sizes and each type may require a different kind of cleaning process. The Green Choice area rug cleaning New York City style will cover all types of fiber from wool to silk and help with moth removal.

Area Rug Maintenance

Natural Fibers

High-quality area rugs are made from natural fibers such as wool, silk, bamboo and cotton. These rugs take a special kind of cleaning. The rugs are put on a flat, clean surface and swept. This removes any large debris and loosens some of the smaller debris. The rugs can then be vacuumed on both sides. Any spots will be removed without discoloration, and the rugs are then allowed to dry on both sides. This process can be regularly done by you, but it is recommended to get the rug deep cleaned and repaired by a professional who uses environmentally-friendly products, so your rug comes back clean and odor free without any toxic fumes.

Synthetic Fibers

Small synthetic throw rugs can be washed and dried in the machine. This should be done according to the instructions that come with the rug.

Persian and Oriental Rugs

Persian and Oriental rugs are usually wool and require expert cleaning. They may also need to be re-woven in places that have worn thing due to traffic. You can extend the life of your Persian or Oriental rug by following a few tips.

• Keep it out of direct sunlight
• Rotate its position several times each year to avoid high traffic worn spots
• Rotate the pathway that may be created if it is always between the same two pieces of furniture
• Don’t comb the fringe. Turn the rug upside down and the fringe will realign with a few gentle shakes
• Sweep older rugs before vacuuming
• Vacuum gently
• Clean spills immediately by blotting them with a paper towel or an absorbent cloth from the outside of the spill to the middle
• Never use bleach, soap or detergent. Only use water or have the rug professionally cleaned

Silk Rugs

Silk rugs are a big investment and may last for generations. A professional will examine the rug for the weave, dye, age and general condition before choosing the proper cleaning method.

Since area rugs are often used as an important part of interior decoration, it’s worth buying a high-quality rug and having it cared-for professionally.