Automatic Hand Dryers For The Home – The Clear Benefits

Hot air hand dryers are a pretty staple feature in most offices and commercial buildings up and down the UK. However, mention the idea of automatic hand dryers for the home and chances are you’ll be met with more a slightly more furrowed brow. After all, it’s hardly common to walk into any domestic bathroom or washroom to find a hot air dryer mounted to the wall – standard towels being more the everyday way of doing things at home.

But here’s the thing – if these kinds of dryers are absolute Godsends in heavy use environments, why can’t they be made just as useful around the home? Some might argue there’s really no need, but whichever way you look at things, benefits are benefits whatever the setting. Whether you’re looking at a large office building with hundreds of workers or just the average family of five, there are certain key benefits that remain the same in all instances across the board.

Automatic Hand Dryers For The Home – The Clear Benefits

For example:


First up, it’s not like you could realistically say that towels and hand towels are inconvenient as such. But at the same time, the process of continually washing and drying them isn’t what you’d call one of life’s joys. For the sake of hygiene, hand towels need to be washed every couple of days at the very least, which over the course of the average year amounts to hundreds of times through the washing machine – thousands when considered over a decade or so. With an automatic dryer, once it’s up on the wall that’s pretty much it – no inconvenience, little to no maintenance and outstanding performance, every time.


The myth that states how these kinds of hot air hand dryers are less hygienic than using towels is as long-standing as it is completely and utterly untrue. This is a classic example of somebody somewhere coming up with an idea off the top of their head with no scientific backing whatsoever and somehow implanting it in the heads and hearts of millions. The reality is…as is often the case with such random theories…quite different to say the least. Think of it this way – each and every time you use a hand towel that’s used by other people, you’re smearing your hands with any residual germs and bacteria they may have had on their hands when they last used it. And of course, the longer the towel is left hung, the more chance the bacteria have to spread and grow. As such, it’s wholly inevitable that hands and faces alike will be left more hygienically clean when using hot air dryers instead of towels – a point that has been proven in tests, time and time again.


In terms of costs, it’s of course true to say that a high-end hand dryer isn’t going to be quite as cheap as investing in a new towel…or indeed a rather large set thereof. However, the fact that these kinds of dryers go on working for years, often decades on end with little to no need for maintenance makes it the kind of investment that will generally pay for itself. Towels need to be replaced fairly often as they fade, degrade and generally become less-than gleaming. With a hand dryer, you buy the unit once and it goes on doing what it does with pure perfection for the long-term. Of course the savings are bound to be much larger in heavy-use environment, but even around the home it tends to be an investment that’s extremely and indeed uniquely economical.


Last up, it’s a debatable point, admittedly and one that won’t strike a chord with everyone, but at the same time there’s no denying that so many of the latest hand dryers on the market today are quite wonderfully elegant in their appearance. For the modern bathroom in particular, the metallic finish of a quality hand dryer really can add something special to the room as a whole, while playing an important role in the bathroom’s practicality. Easy to mount and outstandingly simple to care for, it’s an affordable addition that really can make such a difference in so many ways.

These days, quality hand dryers are so affordable to pick up from leading providers that it’s genuinely worth looking into what’s on offer for the home. Chances are, time will come when these kinds of gadgets play a role in the family home as standard and it’ll be hard to understand how we ever got by without them!