Avoid The Things That People Neglect In Home Security

Homeowners who have applied any security measure when protecting their property know that it isn’t difficult to accomplish. But there are several ways to secure our homes that we often forget about. And even though these ways may not seem very significant, neglecting them can definitely place a home at risk.

Get Friendly With The Gossip

Although many homeowners would rather keep to themselves, it may be a good idea to befriend the person you may least want to in your neighborhood: the gossip. Although this may mean that you hear things you would rather not, the neighborhood gossip may be responsible for saving your home from burglary. This is because they know everyone, which will make a new and suspicious individual much easier for them to spot and warn you about.

Keep Wires Hidden

These days, copper wire is worth a lot of money. This is something many companies who have experienced copper theft can tell you. But did you know that the copper wire around your home can also be a target for thieves? The wiring used in items like a central air-conditioning unit are exposed and can easily be cut or stolen. For this reason, any external wiring around your home should be very difficult for anyone to spot and get access to.

Avoid The Things That People Neglect In Home Security

Don’t Forget This Door

Many home security experts will tell you that every door which leads to the outside of your home should have a high-quality deadbolt lock installed on it. But many homeowners neglect to do this for one very important door: the one that leads from their house to their garage. Relying on the security of a garage door is not a good idea, as it can be easily breached. Once that happens, entrance into your home is easy. And never forget that your locks won’t work unless you use them. So ensure that you remember to lock the door leading into your garage.

The Quick-Release Mechanism

Do any of your windows have bars on them? If so, ensuring they all include a quick-release mechanism may be a good idea. This can assist you should you experience a break-in and need to exit your home quickly without the intruder knowing you are even there. Additionally, these mechanisms can also ensure your escape through a window in the event of a fire.

Life Change = Lock Change

If you’ve recently ended a relationship or purchased a new home, changing the locks is something that should be at the top of your priority list. This is because any number of people could have the key that fits your home’s locks. The same is true for those locks needing pass codes for entry. The rule of thumb among security professionals is that whenever you experience a life change like those mentioned above, it should be accompanied by a lock change.

Fence Security

You may have some kind of structure on your property that’s enclosed by a fence. And while the structure may have a lock on it, thinking about the security of your fence is also a good idea. Any fencing that surrounds a structure like a garage or shed should be secured with some sort of heavy-duty lock. This will offer double the protection should a burglar come calling.

Spending Your Money Wisely

When considering new locks for your home, an important consideration is to first evaluate what it is you are trying to protect. For example, if you wish to protect your shed, are the items inside it worth what a heavy-duty lock will cost? The same is true for anything else you are looking to protect with a lock. Knowing the value you place on items will help you choose a lock that will adequately protect those items.

Take Advantage Of Hiding Places

We all know that hiding money in the mattress, or putting a spare key under the mat are not very strong security measures. But are there any other places where you can hide valuables away from prying eyes? Perhaps. Any space between the studs of your walls can be a good location for an in-the-wall safe. And you can install an electrical plate over the safe’s lock to fool burglars and visitors alike. You can also store a spare house key inside your pet’s collar.

Clean Your Garage

Have you looked inside your garage lately? If your garage can no longer hold your vehicle, you could be putting yourself at risk for car theft. As well, depending on the state of your garage, there could be several places for a burglar who’s looking for a way in. Remember also that parking in your garage makes it much more difficult for a burglar to track your movements.

Your Mailbox

If your mailbox lists your last name, this could be enough to make you the target of burglars. Instead, place your street number on your mailbox to keep your information from prying eyes.

A little time and effort is all that it takes to implement many of these security features. But it can make all the difference to your home and family’s safety.


Guest author Emma Prior writes on a variety of topics related to home security. She recommends the Home Security Systems Geek, a site that helps consumers unpack options and services available from various companies.