Choosing A Concrete Garage or Garden Shed?

A new concrete garage or shed can add great value to not just your garden, but your whole property too.

Though their primary functions are to either store vehicles or tools, they do have other applications, and can be used in a variety of different ways. Some, for instance, make best use of theirs by using them as a place to kick back and relax.

Because of both being extremely versatile, homeowners have often debated which type of building to go for: splash the cash on a new concrete garage or reap the benefits of going with the garden shed?

Aside from the obvious price difference, there are other subtle differences.

 1. Helps to Keep Organised

While they’re versatile, there’s also nothing wrong with using your shed to store clutter. This doesn’t just free up space in the home, but also means that you’ll find it easier to locate certain items – it can be fairly tricky to find things when they’re strewn all over the house.

 2. Benefits the Garden

Wanted to buy a shiny new lawnmower for ages but haven’t had the room? A shed can provide just that, and more. Many solely use their workshop to keep the items that can really make their garden prosper. These typically include sprinklers, digging tools, wheelbarrows, plant protection and other accessories.

Choosing A Concrete Garage or Garden Shed?

3. Frees up Space

Placing clutter and other unwanted objects into a garden shed doesn’t just mean that they’re easily accessible, but it can also dramatically free up space in your home. Rather than having a spare bedroom full of unnecessary junk, moving them elsewhere enables you to fully utilise your home’s interior.

4. Improves Appearance of Home

This directly follows on from our last point – if you have less clutter in your home then it simply looks a lot nicer. If you take a step back and analyse just how many needless items you own then things will become much clearer on this front. A lot of us are ‘hoarders’ without even knowing it!

5. Offers Versatility

As mentioned, a shed doesn’t strictly have to be a storage area. Some in fact use it as a workspace – it’s an ideal place to conduct basic repairs on your lawnmower, motorbike or bicycle. In addition, a larger than average shed can operate as a playhouse for children, as well as a home office for the adults.

Regardless of how you decide to utilise your shed or concrete garage, one thing is for certain: ensuring that both are safe and secure is crucially important.

Garage and workshop burglaries are common throughout the UK, as thieves are well aware that homeowners aren’t always as keen to fit crime prevention products to their outbuildings in comparison to their houses. In knowing this, burglars typically target them in the hope of gaining easy access to expensive personal possessions.

If you are in need of a new shed or garageand need it for a precise purpose, it is often best to call a professional. Leading concrete garage and shed manufacturers supply customers throughout the country with top of the range bespoke designs to meet your needs, so before you go and buy an off the shelf style, speak to the experts first.

Hopefully these hints and tips will help you choose between a concrete garage or a shed in the future.