Choosing The Best For Your Window: Shades Or Curtains

Everybody wants the best when it comes to decorating their houses. We are often presented with a number of preferences when it comes to interior décor. Dressing your window is part of decorating your home. Deciding the right type of window covering that can match with your home décor can prove to be challenging but when you choose the best type of window treatment, it is worth the effort. The challenge comes when you do not know whether to choose window shades or curtains.

A window shade are typically made up of many long vertical or horizontal slats. These slats can be made up of wood, metal, plastic or fabric. Cords are used to hold them together. The slats can be opened or closed using a remote control or manually. When they overlap, they block out light.

The different types of Window Shades include:

  • Persian- They consists of horizontal or vertical slats connected with a string.
  • Venetian shades- they are slatted blinds made of plastic or metal. They are usually suspended by tapes.
  • Vertical shades- they stand vertically. They are easy and faster to operate since they use less muscle strength.
  • Roman shades- they stack up evenly when opened. They are smooth without overlapping.
  • Cordless window shades-they give a finished profile without dangling lift cords. They use a pulley system that is hidden.

Choosing The Best For Your Window  Shades Or Curtains

Curtains are a piece of cloth or material suspended on top of a window. They are generally hung on the inside of the building’s window. They come in different materials, sizes, colors, patterns and shapes. They also give a soft warm environment.Damask curtain is the best type of curtain fabric. It is woven with one warp yarn and one weft yarn. The long lofts cause the fabric to reflect light.

To choose best between Window Shades and Curtains, you have to consider the following:


Both shades and curtains serve the same purpose. They are used to control light either by blocking excess light from outside or preventing light from inside the building. Their other purpose is to provide privacy. For example, one cannot look inside the house from outside. Various types of curtains offer various functions. A sheer material is used to decorate the room and it offers little privacy as it allows light to shine through it. A heavy material curtain offers privacy as it blocks all light when closed. A blackout curtain, like it’s name, blacks out the sun from penetrating the room and also guards neighbors from seeing inside.  The shades offer the best privacy and light control. You can efficiently control the light entering the room by just pulling on a cord or twisting a rod. The individual slats keep snooping eyes out as they allow light to flood in.


Curtains require less cleaning. You can wash them monthly or every two to three months. This will keep them clean and looking good. Light curtains are easily washable, but those with heavy fabric call for washing by professionals but at a fee.Shades on the other hand, have to be cleaned regularly since they attract more dust. They can be cleaned weekly. The good news is shades are easy to clean since you only need to wipe them with a feather duster or a piece of cloth. Micro-fiber clothes work wonders for this chore.

Your Interior Decor

Different curtains have different colors, style, size and fabric. You can decide to put the light and airy ones in your kitchen or heavy ones in your dining room.Shades are generally used in business rooms or offices. Most of them are cheaper than curtains. They come in various colors therefore one can choose a color that complements the room’s décor.

+Jodi Call  ll graduated Brigham Young University and has spent years in the home design and décor business. She offers tips and advice for home decorating enthusiasts regularly at her blog