Choosing The Right Renovations Contractor

Picking the wrong renovations contractor in Victoria BC may cause stress. But if you pick a professional, experienced contractor, you will find that everything will be put in place by the contractor so you can rest worry-free every while the project is being completed. Here are our tips for picking the right contractor.

Get Referrals from People you Know

By asking your friends and family about their past experiences with contractors, you can get firsthand knowledge of what it is actually like to have renovations completed by a contractor on a daily basis. Get in-depth information about what made their experience positive or negative, including if they would hesitate to hire the contractor again.

Choosing The Right Renovations Contractor

Do Research on the Contractor’s Background Online or through a Phone Call

Your contractor will list on their website or share over the phone any credentials from courses they have. Also find out if the contractor has the necessary licenses for your area, such as with the British Columbia Safety Authority if you are in BC. Professional memberships with the Canadian Home Builders’ Association or elsewhere are positives, too.

Meet with your Top Choices and Ask for References

Prepare some questions regarding your renovation project and meet with each of your top three or so contractors to get a better idea of their fit. This is also a chance to see their insurance papers and any credentials they have told you of. If they ask a lot of questions about your renovations, this shows that they have an interest in getting the job done right. You can also ask for references from past clients to get other specific questions answered.

Here are questions you might ask of contractors and their past clients:

  • Do they have a record of finishing projects on time and staying on budget?
  • Do they have fixed contact information? How long have they been in business under their current name?
  • Do they work as a team with plumbers and electricians that they have strong business relationships with?

Read the Contract Thoroughly

Once you have picked the right contractor for you, the next step is to scrutinize the contract. Make sure they include in the contract a set bid price and payment schedule, an ordered list of tasks to be completed, a change order clause, project close-out procedures, information on dispute resolution, an express limited warranty, and a waiver of lien that prevents anyone working for the contractor from keeping possession of your home should they be unpaid by the contractor.

We at Toolbox Renovations hope these will help you to make the right contractor choice. And if you are in Victoria BC and need kitchen, bathroom, or basement renovations, give us a call to find out what we can do for you.