Comprehensive Decoration Tips For Living Room

The decoration style of living room should conform to public aesthetical standard. The main function of living room is for family activity and receiving guest. The decoration should at least be acceptable to most people. Here are some tips to help you in the process.

Window treatment is the easiest and cheapest way to change the atmosphere for a room except paint. What window treatment to home decoration just like jewelry to woman. One easy to handle rule for hanging curtain is to hang it 5 cm higher than the window frame. If your storey height is high, you can try to use floor to ceiling curtain. It will make your room larger. Another option for window treatment of this kind of room is to use small Roman blinds.

Many people do not realize that lighting fixture has great influence on the mood. They separate bulb, lighting fixture and lamp shade. In fact, people can use dimmer switch to adjust atmosphere and mood in different time period. The choosing of lighting fixture is decided by the different space function of each room. General lighting and task lighting in operating area are needed in kitchen to ensure sufficient lighting for cooking. In home office, table lamp is needed to provide necessary lighting for desk. Do not only use ceiling lamp in a room. Combining different lamps together can satisfy home owner’s different lighting needs at different period and add layering to space.

The use of colored paint can bring different feeling to our home. But not everyone knows how to collocate. This directly lead to people give up using colored paint in home decoration. There are a series of related problems after using colored painting – the mismatch of home furnishings. As a matter of fact, the use of colored paint on wall is not that difficult as we imagine. Once knowing some skills on color selection and the paint is eco-friendly, home owner can try to apply colored paint as they want. Harmonious goes first in home decoration. The color of paint in living room should not be too bright. People can choose any color they like in bedroom. Bright color is welcoming choice in kid’s room for it is good to the development of imagination and creativity.

Except harmonious, capacious feeling is another focus point of living room decoration, no matter the space is small or large. Capacious feeling brings relaxing and happy mood. The capacious feeling of space includes horizontal and vertical direction. The vertical capacious of space means story height.

Comprehensive Decoration Tips For Living Room

The layout of home furnishings in living room should be organized. Do not make the living room messy up by various odds and ends. There should be enough lighting in living room, artificial lighting and natural lighting, and the lighting is adjustable. People may do not need high intensity lighting when watching TV. It is better to combine different lighting solutions in living room to satisfy lighting needs for different situation.

The selection of decoration material in living room, especially ground decoration material, should take decoration style, price and the performance people want into consideration. For instance, ground tile with poor skid resistance may cause accident.

The layout of living room should allow people to walk through freely. No matter the passage in your living room is located on side or get through from the central, it should allow people to walk through freely. The furniture used in living room should consider the applicability of family activity and family member, especially senior and kids.