Decorating Your Home Without Spending Money

Is it possible to Decorate your apartment without spending Money?

We say it is possible. When you have an apartment or house, we all know that one of the hardest things is that you can’t always afford to renovate or decorate like you want to and when you want to. There are a few ways to decorate your home without destroying your wallet.

Old Newspapers

You probably have a bunch of old newspaper somewhere in your apartment, so why don’t you use them to make a wall design. A map for example. Just cut out the shapes of continents and stick them on your wall. You can create any type of design you want. All you need is a pen, scissors and glue.

Paper Flowers

Add beautiful and elegant decor in your room by decorating your wall with white or brightly colored flowers that can easily be made out of paper. There are a bunch of articles about making paper flowers – everything from super easy flowers to complicated 3D flowers that look like art projects. Choose your favorite flowers and refresh your wall.

Decorating Your Home Without Spending Money

Use Colored Duct Tape

Make your working desk at your office more beautiful by using duct tape in different colors. This is very simple, all you need are 5 to 7 bright stripes and a little patience. Your table will look like a work of art. This way of decorating can be used on any type of surface – tables, chairs, drawers, etc.

Old Books

Books you have already read and are sitting somewhere on your shelf without purpose can be reused. You can make a creative vintage coffee table from them. Take glue and glue a bunch of books together and put a piece of glass on top. This little coffee table will become a unique accent in your living room.

Use branches

Here’s an idea how to add Shabby Chic accent in your bedroom – a tree branch can be used as curtain rods. Find a branch that is the appropriate thickness. You can color it or use it’s natural beauty.

Old Wallpapers

If you have wallpapers in your home, then you probably have pieces that have been left over after renovating. They will look great on white walls in decorative portrait frames.

Old T-shirts

You probably have a bunch of old T-shirts you don’t use anymore. You can put them up on your walls as they look interesting, and can bring up nice memories.

Old magazines

A bunch of old magazines can be used for creating tabourets. Put a pillow on top and use belts to tighten it. You will be surprised how comfortable it can be.

Use Maps

You may have old maps, they are free and you can find them everywhere. You can make vintage lamp shades. It can be a map of the places you’ve visited, so every time you look at a table lamp, they will bring nice memories.

Drawings on Walls

If your apartment is not rented then this is an excellent suggestion for decorating. If you are good as an artist then this project is perfect for you. You can draw pieces of furniture on walls, beautiful landscapes or just write a few inspiring quotes.

If you do have some money to spare, think of improving your lighting. More natural light is always welcome, but you can buy blinds online to control the amount if you don’t like too much light and you have big windows.

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