Different Accommodation Choices For NRI’s In India

International students traveling to India have different accommodation options that they can go for as per their budget and comfort. Right accommodation is very important for an enjoyable and comfortable stay outside your country; not to mention it only helps in completing education in a more seamless manner.

Student Residences:

This is the right choice for students who are looking for an independent stay and like socializing with other students or local people in the country. Depending on availability and location a student residence may vary in size. Typically these residences house students from different nationalities and ages in a house type of environment. Finding a reasonable house to buy in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune and few other major cities may not be a difficult task. Above all, it is easily the most economic type of student accommodation in the country where a student can share his expenses with others in the same residence.


Being in a homestay can keep you in direct contact with the local people and you can also enjoy the local cuisines more often. A student can also make use of his language skills and enjoy its benefits. Overall being in a homestay gives the fun of being one of the local people in the locality. When you stay with a host family in any of the cities in the country, you may get to learn a lot of about India like its culture, traditions, food, language, lifestyle and much more. You also get to pick the expressions, slangs in the country more easily compared to other students who stay in a comparatively secluded environment.

Different Accommodation Choices For NRI’s In India


Students looking for complete freedom and independence can rent their own apartments that usually come fully equipped with all basic amenities such as bathrooms, kitchens, furniture etc. As you are more independent you also get a chance to cook what you want. Right from cooking to cleaning and self-catering everything has to be done by yourself. That said, apartments are usually in closer proximities to café, restaurants, bus stops, shops, bars etc.

Guesthouses or Hotels:

If little more personal stay without the burden of self-catering is what you want then a hotel stay or a stay in guesthouse is the best option. This may not be the most economic option obviously but it does give you a lot of free time to do what you want as there is no need of helping yourself with most of the daily tasks.

Book Early

Holiday travel industries, like the other businesses, are also affected by the supply and demand economics. It is always better to make the bookings 3 to 4 months before the actual date when you plan to go on a trip. The later bookings may cost you twice or thrice the amount that you will be paying by booking beforehand.

Do Late Booking

On the last few days, when there are some empty slots in the booking table, the holiday travellers offer wonderful offers at easily affordable price range. Booking the accommodation facilities, etc, 3 to 4 days before the date of departure can also help you save a great deal of amount.