DIY Home Automation With Honeywell’s Lynx Touch 5200

There are many investments and assets contained in every home, from your family’s safety to the protection of tangible things you have acquired. All these need to be secured. Everyone is aware of the numerous threats when it comes to building a home – human threats, disasters, and accidents, contributing to the rise of more people buying home alarm systems to provide security.

Recent years have also shifted to the way people sign up for these home alarms. Homeowners no longer rely on big corporations for this kind of protection. There are many home alarm systems widely available for everyone to install in their homes and even in their businesses. Likewise, there are smaller security companies providing these services. The result is more affordable home security fees and home alarm systems available to more people, not just for the rich and famous.

DIY Home Automation With Honeywell’s Lynx Touch 5200

Honeywell’s Lynx Touch 5200

Lynx Touch 5200 is the latest product released by Honeywell, a leading brand when it comes to home security. As a latest product, Lynx Touch 5200 is equipped with the latest innovative technology enhancing user experience and optimizing security features.

One of the best DIY home automation products in the market today, Lynx Touch 5200 combines wireless technology and improved screen to cater to the needs of its users. It comes with a 4.7’’ touchscreen in full color, giving users more satisfaction in operating the product. Its video on demand can be viewed with a high resolution 470 x 256.

Providing protection for fire, carbon monoxide, and burglary, this product is expected to be a blockbuster and sought-after in the security market. To name its other features, Honeywell’s Lynx Touch 5200 has an advanced alarm communication and garage door notifications. US and Canada residents will also experience its tornado alert features. As an improved product from other Honeywell Lynx models, the 5200 Touch series provides anti-false alarm features.

But the highlights of its long list of features are its wireless technology ad two-way voice feature. The two-way voice feature adds more security and aimed towards urgent attention by connecting an operator from the central station and that of the person within the premises of the alarm system. The feature lets the operator aid the person within the premises for urgent needs specifically for police and/or rescue.

Z-Wave Technology

Another new and main feature of Honeywell’s Lynx 5200 Touch is its Z-wave connectivity. With its connectivity, users can now control their home security remotely from their various devices like tablet, smartphones, and PC.

Z-wave is an innovative wireless technology that sends alerts for any predicaments like fire, possible intrusions, water, fire and many more. This technology also let owners to control their home like temperature, lock and many more.

Honeywell Lynx 5200 Touch series is Z-wave compatible for more superior user experience. Thus, providing the best home automation solution for everyone.

Modern with the latest technology features and cost-efficient, the Lynx Touch 5200 is indeed one of the best DIY home automation products in the market today. Install them now in your home, vacation home and other structures that matters the most.