DIY Home Removals or Pro – Which Makes More Sense?

When and where the time comes to move home, there’s really nothing that can dilute the excitement and joy of the whole affair quite like the prospect of physically moving from one building to the next. On paper it all sounds quite simple – all you’re doing after all is transferring the contents of one building to another, which doesn’t sound like a particularly big job. But as anyone who has ever moved home will know, the reality of things is quite different to how it all seems on paper.

These days, those planning a move to a new property for any reason whatsoever essentially have two choices. On one hand they can go the traditional route and plan a manual move, while on the other they can choose to work with a professional domestic removals company. According to the experts at, the availability of self-drive vehicle services and other such conveniences has led to a dramatic spike in the number of Brits choosing to go it alone. Nevertheless, when you actually weigh up the pros, cons, advantages and disadvantages of professional and DIY moves objectively, it’s pretty difficult to deny that one of the two comes out on top.

DIY Home Removals or Pro – Which Makes More Sense?

And just in case you are wondering, it’s not the DIY move that prevails.

False Economy

For example, the first and most pressing consideration and concern for most domestic movers is of course how much it is going to cost them. If professional removal services were offered free of charge, chances are at least 99.99% of people would choose them instinctively. But they’re not, they cost money, and because they cost money they are interpreted as an unnecessary expense.

So technically there is some logic to this, but at the same time it really isn’t as if moving home manually has ever been anything close to free. First up, if you plan on transporting anything even remotely large or cumbersome, you’re going to have to come across/hire the vehicles necessary anyway…which won’t be free. Then of course you need to take into account packing materials, along with the extraordinary investment of your own time required to go about the packing, loading, transportation and eventual unloading processes – all of which will in most cases inevitably mean time off work.

In a nutshell therefore, there will always be inevitable costs attached to the sourcing of professional help with home removals, but when weighed up against the potential costs of doing it yourself, you might be surprised which works out the most cost effective.

Your Own Time, Your Own Pace

Speaking of investing your own time, actually finding the time to go about a domestic relocation treads that very fine line between difficult and impossible.  Chances are there will be so much going on in your life anyway that the idea of putting everything on hold for an extended period of time simply to move to a new set of four walls isn’t one that will fill you with joy. This is precisely where the convenience of the professional removal service begins to shine through as when you bring in a dedicated removals service, it works around you and your schedule in your own time and at your own pace. Disruption cannot be completely eliminated, but it can at least be massively minimided.

Safe Transit

Back to the subject of physically transporting your property from one building to the next – do you honestly think you’ll manage an entire house clearance without breaking or damaging anything? Of course you won’t, which in turn means it’s simply a case of waiting to see what it is that gets damaged and to what extent. Things are quite different however when you hire the professionals as not only are these guys massively trained and experienced in the careful handling of even the most sensitive items, but they also have the most ideally-suited vehicles, equipment and accessories.

Peace of Mind

Last but not least, it’s all well and good to formulate a fantastic plan of attack for a domestic move and to set the time aside, but whether or not fate actually allows you to go ahead with things as planned is something nobody can say.  From last-minute domestic emergencies to sudden changes in priorities to work commitments and so on and so forth, there are thousands of ways in which all good intentions and plans can be scuppered at the very last minute.  On the other hand, side with the professionals and just as soon as you have an agreed date and terms in writing, you can sit back and relax in full confidence knowing that regardless of what might happen in your own life, the move will be on as planned.