DIY- How To Create A Warm Atmosphere In Your Home’s Decor

Some people like the clean lines of modern Scandinavian furniture, or the stark effect of Asian design with metal and enamel surfaces. Others prefer Bohemian textures and prints, or traditional, cozy furnishings reminiscent of Norman Rockwell.

For those who crave the warmth of the latter, a snuggly room or home with a fuzzy throw and brocade cushion to capture the senses, a few tips for adding the earthy, grounded feel can help you achieve this goal.


A candle is warm by virtue of its old fashioned origins and the warm light that it creates when lit. It can adorn a dining room table, bathroom, or bedroom bureau. In all locations, those with an eco-friendly wick and ingredients and subtle scent can give you a mood boost for a terrific value. Choose warm colors with rich undertones, such as burnt orange, sienna, brown or even warmer blues and greens to capture the warming spirit.

Decorative Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are a decorator’s best friend because changing the cover is a cost-effective, easy and a transforming design move that can help add warmth to your living, family or bedrooms. Use textured fabrics, such as velvet, embroidered designs or hounds tooth to express your preferred cozy style.

DIY- How To Create A Warm Atmosphere In Your Home's Decor

Accent furniture

Elevate the warm glow in a room with vintage distressed accent furniture. A French farmhouse style or re-purposed wood can bring depth to a home’s interior. The cultural context of a bench, or history of the materials of a sideboard can create warmth through meaning. A vintage item can speak volumes about the world in a small package, which creates an intellectual warmth that you can enjoy and even pay forward someday.

Color wheel

Buy a color wheel that categorizes warm and cool colors and bring it with you to find fabrics and home decor items. Using warm colors that complement one another is a fun adventure. If you use too many the effect can be confusing. Some begin with a base beige or brown palette of furniture and use colorful accent pieces, such as a vase, mirror, side table or art, to add warm and texture to a room.

Textured Rugs and linens

A shag rug is not only a blast from the 1970s. Today an area thick-piled floor covering under a coffee table or dining room table, or at the foot of a bed can add depth or romance to the space. It’s a simple way to make a statement, and requires less upkeep compared with a low-pile rug. Warm, velvety blankets are an excellent way to give texture and cozy warmth to a sitting area. Using gold, bronze and sage colors will make a night in feel secure and satisfying.

Adding a warm touch to a room can be as simple as bringing in a few throw pillows or candles, or as complex as a textured mosaic backsplash in the kitchen. However, you choose to infuse an earthy feel to your home, make it a space you feel comfortable in, and the goal of warmth will probably be achieved.

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