Fencing – How It Helps Increase Property Values

Fences are structures that can be built around every kind of property – as a home owner, a fence around the yard helps to create an outdoor living area.  This space not only offers a sense of security to keep children and pets in but also opportunities to spend time outdoors.  Yards are such an integral part of the American landscape that they are considered wasted space if people cannot spend time there.

Fences and Home Improvement:

If you have a home without a fence, consider all the reasons whether it is really needed. If the main purpose is to serve a need like leaving the dog outside, then a basic chain-link fence will do quite nicely.  If the purpose is to get more privacy or to block noise, then a tall fence made of solid material is a good idea.  Most often, homeowners have a number of reasons for wanting a fence – they want to protect their pets and children and also add a decorative touch to the property. Whatever the motivation, a fence serves a number of purposes.  The first step is to decide what type works.

Fencing – How It Helps Increase Property Values

Picking the Materials:

A white picket fence looks very charming and adds character to a home.  But before investing in a wood fence, think of all the work that is needed. It will need to be sealed and stained on a regular basis to prevent rotting.  There are materials like vinyl, aluminum and wrought iron to choose from and these are fairly lower in maintenance needs.

If price is a factor, use different types of fencing to meet your needs.  Picket fencing in the front will add the needed touch and chain link fencing in the back yard will work quite well. It saves on labor and costs.  Landscaping plants work well in camouflaging chain link fences. Talking to your neighbors and other homeowners will offer ideas on neighborhood’s restrictions.  In many cases, municipal building codes and covenants in neighborhoods may offer very specific guidance on how far a fence should be from the sidewalk, how to delineate property lines and also on needed permits.

Landscaping can also be used as fencing material – these work well to protect the home from the weather and also demarcate property lines.  Local building codes cover such aspects too.  One thing a homeowner should be mindful of is to keep these shrubs/plants trimmed. There are quite a few DIYers who prefer to do the work of installing a fence on their own.  It is quite a difficult task and it is better to hire professionals to do it, at a reasonable cost.

Consult your neighbors before getting a fence installed so that their views are not blocked.  Very often, the costs of getting a fence installed are shared by two or more neighbors.  It is a good idea to get this information in writing and ensuring that property lines are clearly determined by a professional.

Climate should always be a consideration for fence installation.  In areas with really cold weather, concrete anchors are very important for fences.  Fence posts have to be anchored at least 3 feet deep to avoid damage like cracking.  In warmer climates, vinyl is a much better option over wood or wrought iron as these can rot or rust.

To provide easy access to the backyard, plan to add at least a couple of gates alongside the Fence Installation Richmond VA.  Make sure that one is wide enough to accommodate equipment like lawn mowers and water hoses, not to forget garbage cans. Paving stones and decorative touches like pergolas can add beauty and value to a fence and the property.