Getting The Most Out Of Your Children’s Playhouse

It’s probably safe to say that no matter who you are or where you come from, you wanted a playhouse when you were a kid. There’s something so uniquely enjoyable and inspiring about a fairytale playhouse that all the toys in the world cannot compensate for – a private and personal space where kids can let their imaginations run wild and basically do what kids do best.

It’s therefore nothing but a blessing that playhouses are becoming more affordable and accessible all the time. Once a rather exclusive and rare addition to the back yard, there have never been so many options on the cards for those looking to purchase or build their own playhouses from scratch.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Children’s Playhouse

Here’s a quick introduction to five essential tips for setting up the kind of playhouse that’s guaranteed to make your kids’ dream come true:

Safety First

First and foremost, there’s really nothing more important than ensuring the playhouse you set up is 100% safe to use by kids. It’s hardly a secret that most kids tend to be pretty rough when it comes to outdoor toys, so it’s crucial to buy or build a playhouse that can withstand the toils of daily life. Wooden playhouses make excellent choices in durability stakes, but it’s also important to choose quality materials and brands that will not warp, splinter or rot when exposed to the elements.

DIY or Store-Bought

While some parents will always revel in the opportunity to build their own kids’ playhouses from scratch, it’s generally far more rewarding, economical and indeed safe to pick up a ready-to-assemble kit. Not only do the best kits on the market come pre-packed with literally everything that’s needed to put the thing together, but precision-engineered components allow for a flawless final result above and beyond what would be possible with the DIY approach. And with so many incredible designs to choose from at surprisingly low prices, it generally makes better sense to pick up a kit.

A Real Home From Home

When it comes to styling and creating the unique look and feel of the playhouse, one of the most fantastic ideas of all is that of modelling it after the home itself. The whole idea in this sense is to create something of a genuine home from home which is in essence a smaller, more private and wholly more kid-focused version of the bigger home beyond. From colour schemes to wallpaper to decorative touches and so on, anything you can do to make the playhouse feel like an extension of the home itself will help create a wonderfully enjoyable environment.

Go Fairy-Tale

Of course you could always do things the exact opposite way and create a playhouse with a look, feel and ambience that’s a million miles from that of the real world. From fairy-tale castles to pirate forts and anything else your imagination can dream up, it’s worth remembering that a playhouse represents a unique opportunity to bring the kids’ fairy tale fantasies to life. Take inspiration from their favourite stories, movies, cartoons or anything else they just can’t get enough of.

Kids Call the Shots

Never forget that as this is a playhouse for the kids, they should call the shots. Unless you plan on setting up the playhouse as a surprise, it’s a good idea to get the kids involved in the building and decorating process right from the start. You just never know what their imagination may dream up and while your vision may be quite spectacular in your own mind, it might be quite different than that of your kids. Let them go wild with creativity and build the playhouse in accordance with their ideas – even if it all seems a little weird to you!

Think Long-Term

For younger kids in particular, it pays to invest in a high-quality playhouse that’s built to stand the tests of time. Far above and beyond any regular toy, this is the kind of thing that will become nothing short of a sanctuary and a place they’ll want to spend time for many years to come. As such, it’s a good idea to think long-term when investing in a playhouse in the first place as while some brands and models are cheaper than others, those that are built to last represent the most cost-effective and rewarding investments of all.