HDF Egger Boards For Modern and Sturdy Furnishings

There are many wood panels that are part of the timber industry, i.e one among many diverse business sectors all across UK. With increase in globalization and key sectors of industry like the timber industry means to be easily affected by many influences that include:

  • Shortages of raw material
  • Under supply in some regions and over capacity in others
  • Supplier networks consolidation
  • Increase in cost input such as labour and energy

The market for UK wood panels grew up to 26% value before the year 2006 by showing moderate yet consistent growth  of maxi mum 4% every annum, apart from year in 2003 and 2004 as the growth till then reached to 11%.

This growth of 11% in year 2004 got an impetus by forming part of the general upswing in economy after some years in recession, which was due to many factors which include the great demand for wood particleboards. This peaked in ending quarter of 2004 because manufacturers reported upto 10 week lead in times. OSB and MDF enjoyed strong demand into record for output throughout European markets and within UK which skyrocket the plywood cost in 2004, further high increase in the market value. Therefore, good growth occurred despite slowdown in modern furniture sector that was seeing slight drop in the demands, production loss and consolidation to offshore locations.

This volatility in the market enabled the modern furniture production from high quality MDF and egger boards. The Egger laminates are made from many layers of decorative surface and stacks of paper. This sheet of laminate can be bonded for the suitable substrate that is normally MDF or chipboard.

The Egger laminates has the multi-layered construction which makes it the perfect choice for areas with high traffic and hard wearing surface like the doors, reception, counter tops, desks and complete range of furniture’s from shop fitting and interior applications.

HDF Egger Boards For Modern and Sturdy Furnishings

Egger laminates comprises of great features, which make it the suitable choice in modern furnishings. Apart from durability, this laminate is easy to clean and maintain due to which it’s mostly found in every corner of homes and offices. Egger laminates provides highlighting features like:

Environmental Benefits

Apart from using the tropical veneers of various kinds from other parts of the world, reproductions of exotic woods in laminates are a sustainable option compared to other materials.


Laminates, when compared to veneers, will perform better in terms of resistance and durability for the scratches.

Commercial Benefits

EGGER Laminates is preferable by masses as it works as cost effective solution in regards to veneers i.e easier for replacing the panels when damaged for its colour, thickness and consistency.

Thickness of Egger Boards Laminate Sheet

The range of UK stock laminates is of 0.8mm, which views range of sturdy laminate decors easily available.

The sheet size in which the Egger laminate is available includes 3050 x 1310 mm

Many people ask if any special solution is required for cleaning the Egger laminates.

  • Actually no due to dense and dirt resistant surface, the egger laminates do not require special maintenance and care adding to the retaining costs of it.

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