Home Service Professionals Get An Upgrade

Cleaners, movers, repairmen, contractors…when it comes to the highest-quality home services, you usually need to do a little vetting in the field before you sign on the dotted line. Homeowner horror stories are plentiful and enough to spook anyone from hiring helping hands picked at random from the Yellow Pages (those still exist…right?).

Home Service Professionals Get An Upgrade

Whether you need a master electrician, require a year-round ‘pool guy’ or simply want someone to help hang the new Art Deco mirror you just bought at an estate sale, you needn’t slog through pages and pages of reviews (many of them fake) and hours on the phone culling quotes – time is precious.

Up until recently, the lucrative ‘home services’ industry was considered behind the times. If you have limited mobility, or simply not enough hours in the day, you need personnel to come to you. In days of yore, you were at the disposal of the willy-nilly schedule of your chosen tradesmen. Now they’re competing for your business.

Home Service Professionals Get An Upgrade

For instance, beverage delivery has been dialed-in for over a century…

These days, licensed professionals and customer-reviewed technicians need to offer pre-negotiated prices in advance, book same-day appointments online or through phone apps, and provide real-time access for tracking the arrival of their service providers.

A company like Serviz, an on-demand home service provider, does the screening process for you, assuring you get what you want, when you want it – no strings attached, no worries, no wondering. They even offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. It’s like covering all the bases at once. Other industries have been doing this for the last decade.

Remember when a tradesman might offer you a 5-hour window of time they might show up, change the price half-way through and then bail on finishing your grout work after the check had cleared? That’s no longer the case. Even smaller communities are overhauling the way one can hire home service providers and contractors.

Do what do you need a hand with? From a deep carpet cleaning to installing a new water heater, it’s getting easier to find the worker you need at the right price.