How To Achieve A Green Garage In Your Tucson Home

Your home garage speaks volumes about your home. In addition, having the ideal garage can play a huge role in saving energy. You have the opportunity of having your own green garage. All that is required is regular cleaning and proper maintenance. Garages are known to harbor very hazardous substances that are life threatening to both pets and humans. Pests are also known to reside in untidy garages. This explains why it is necessary to clean your garage regularly. Avoid turning your garage into a store. In most cases, junk that cannot be used will accumulate here. Additionally, the accumulated junk makes it impossible to locate things if they are not properly labeled.

Ways to make your Garage Greener

Making your garage green is one sure way of ensuring proper health standards and safety at home. Some of the ways through which you can achieve that green garage are:

1. Using Energy Saving Light Bulbs

Most garages use incandescent lights. However, these bulbs have proven to be inefficient due to their high energy consumption. However, you can replace the incandescent lights with LED lights or CFLs which are more energy saving. However, if you use your garage as a work place, you might consider installing task lighting. This will help in reducing energy consumption and also provide enough light for working.

2. Use Green Doors

Garages are known to have flimsy doors. This causes poor insulation thus poor energy conservation and outdoor air leaking into the garage and attached homes. It is recommended that you use garage doors that are well insulated and have R value that range from 13 to 17.5 per cent. If your looking for a qualified garage door service company in Tucson, we recommend visiting this website, for more information. Unfortunately, most garages doors have an R value that ranges from 5 to 7 per cent which is not enough. There are more ideas through which you can save energy using your garage doors.

• Install weather stripping and seal cracks. This will prevent hot and cold air from entering or leaving your garage.
• Use doors made from recycled materials. This is a move aimed at encouraging use of resources responsibly.
• Ensure that the automatic doors are in good order. The automatic doors should be working effectively to ensure that no cool or warm air escapes.
• Check for leaks in windows or doors. It is important to caulk the doors from your garage to your home to see if there are any leaks that can cause air to leak.

How To Achieve A Green Garage In Your Tucson Home

3. Use a Ventilation Fan

It is important that you install a ventilation fan that will help in circulation of air. The fan will help in dispersing dangerous fumes that can be brought about by: petroleum products, chemicals and cleaners.

4. Proper Handling of Materials

Garages contain a lot of hazardous substances that have no use. These substances may spill or even off gas thus posing a great health risk to children and pets. In addition, these hazardous chemicals can cause fire and respiratory problems. Some of the eco-friendly ways to handle chemical substances in the garage include:

• Keep road salt and other ice melting compounds secure. This is because they can cause diarrhea and vomiting in pets.
• Immediately wipe spills of the sweet smelling antifreeze since it can cause death among cats.
• Build a chemical sheds for storage of chemicals only.
• Keep your garage tidy by: recycling materials, organizing tools and avoid any form of chemical spills.

5. Use Energy Efficient Building Materials

Materials used in building and decoration of the garage are supposed to be well insulated. Some of the ways through which you can achieve proper insulation in your garage include:

• Pipes, water heaters and duct work should be insulated to ensure the weather in the garage is tight
• Use the proper R value installation for your walls and ceilings.
• Consider solar panels for a self heating garage.
• Use environmental friendly paint to avoid the organic compounds that are volatile and found in regular paint.
• Monitor the walls and foundation to check for cracks and molds

6. Water Conservation

Through the roof of your garage, it is possible to collect rain water. This water can be used to wash the cars, water the lawn or even wash the garage.


Most people do not think that the garage is a key player when it comes to energy conservation. This is a sure way to increase comfort, reduce environmental pollution and also protect your family from health risks.

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