How To Choose An Apt Microwave For Your Kitchen?

In a modern day kitchen, a microwave is a must have gadget. Unlike the conventional cooking, microwave oven is very different. In the market today you can find a range of microwaves and here is an overlook at some of the types of microwaves:

  The first one is the basic microwave and as the name suggests it helps in basic cooking, heating as well as to defrost frozen food items.

 The second kind is the Microwave with Grill, which preforms all the functions of a regular oven namely baking along with that of a basic microwave.

 The third kind is the Convection Microwave, which has functions of basic microwave; you can bake in it and also grill food using it.

How To Choose An Apt Microwave For Your Kitchen?

 Now, when you know about the kinds of microwave, below are mentioned few tips which will help you pick up the right microwave for your kitchen.

  • Placing of the Microwave: You should ascertain where you would place your microwave in your kitchen as this will affect your purchase decision. Choose from the countertop range of microwaves as they are inexpensive.  However, if you go for the over the range microwaves they will help you save kitchen space but installing them is tedious. Then you also have the option of the built-in microwave which is installed on the kitchen’s wall but they are the most costly. They would offer more space on your kitchen counter.
  • Know the Size of the Microwave: if you have a bigger family, opt for microwaves which are of about 1.2 cubic feet as this will help you place larger dishes in it easily. Nonetheless, if you have shortage of space in the kitchen you should then get small microwave which can be as small as .5 cubic. In a 1,000-watt microwave food can be cooked efficiently and quickly as compared to an  700 watts which is much slower and the food might not cook evenly. In general, the higher the wattage, the faster the cooking time.
  • Safety: if you have little children at home make sure that the microwave you buy has a child lock feature and drop-down doors as that would make it much safer for them to operate the gadget.
  • Easy to Clean and Use: although a microwave is easier to clean and use in comparison to conventional ovens. But to make it all the more easy for you, choose those models of microwave that have self-cleaning function. This would help you to get rid of grease. It is best to pick up those models of microwave which come with auto cooking and sensor cooking, weighing the time required to cook a particular food. Try to get a demo of the microwave which you have shortlisted and even read through the reviews. A microwave with a numeric keypad is easier to use when setting cooking time than a dial setting one.
  • Customer Service Reviews: it is equally important to know about the warranty offered on the microwave purchase along with knowing, if the manufacturer offers free repairing under the warranty period.