How To Improve Water Pressure In Your Shower

You have just renovated your bathroom, you have installed new pipes, a completely new shower system, and you are ready to live happily for the rest of your life. Everything is just the way it should be, except for one thing – You have a low water pressure.

Welcome to the club of thousands USA homeowners who are experiencing the same issues. Sometimes it’s just a minor issue and sometimes there’s nothing you can do about it, except calling your local plumber and spending hundreds of dollars for a solution that isn’t even guaranteed to work. Here are a couple of important tips that will help you enjoying a perfect water pressure each and every time you take a shower.

Replace your Shower Head with a High Pressure One

Some shower heads need more water pressure than others to work properly. If you can’t improve your pressure, than high pressure shower heads are your only solution. They are designed especially for this purpose and some of them can cost as little as $10. You can find variety of recommended models that are available on the market here.

They need much less water to provide a proper shower experience, so many customers also get the luxury of receiving smaller water bills at the end of each month. Check for Speakman or Delta Water high pressure shower head brands online or at your local plumbing store.

How To Improve Water Pressure In Your Shower

Remove the Flow Restrictor

Sometimes you don’t even need to buy a brand new shower head. Thanks to USA government and the latest water saving policy, new shower heads that are sold in the USA are restricted to 2.5 GPM. Luckily most of them feature a flow restricting valve, which is often quite easy to remove.

For more info on how to remove a flow restrictor on your shower head, check the video down below. The model featured in this video is from Waterpik brand, but all water flow restrictors are pretty much similar.

What else can you do?

Sometimes changing or modifying your shower head simply isn’t enough. In this case we suggest that you contact your local plumber who will know exactly where the problem is. You will probably need a water pressure booster pump. They usually cost up to $400, but they are highly effective and all of your issues will be gone.


It doesn’t matter if you have a cheap shower head that costs $10, or the most expensive shower panel system which costs $3000. Without a decent water pressure, you simply can’t enjoy a perfect showering experience. Follow our step-to-step guide and we are sure that you will find a solution in no time.

If you have your own solution to fix a low water pressure, please share your ideas with us in the comments section at the bottom of this page.