How To Install A TV On A Concrete Wall

 Basement walls, apartments, and the walls above fireplaces are often made of concrete, which requires a few different steps to drill into. With a bit of preparation, the installation should not take long. Building your dream home theatre can be done regardless of the construction of the room.

Test Drive the Location of the TV

Before pulling out your tools, try out what it’s like to have your TV on that wall where you you’d like to see it. Cut out cardboard the size of your TV and fix it to the wall. There will be prime spots on the wall that will be most comfortable for extended viewing of movies and shows. For TVs that you’re going to watch while standing, place the screen higher on the wall. Remember that viewing positions will be different depending on the seat taken. Get the input from others who will use the TV, like roommates or family members.

If you’re putting the TV over the fireplace, check temperatures above. Make sure that your TV can withstand the heat. Also be careful not to drill holes into the fireplace.

Materials List

You will need:

  • a wall mount
  • a level
  • a hammer drill
  • a masonry bit
  • cleaning supplies

When selecting a wall mount, it is essential that the mount can support the weight of the TV screen. Check the mount’s acceptable load against the weight as indicated on the TV’s packaging. It’s also important that the wall mount will match up with the bolt pattern of the TV. However, many established brands of mounts will follow the VESA standard, which means the mount can support the bolt position of various TV models.

A hammer drill is ideal for the job. Standard drills are not suited for the task, and you may risk damaging the drill. If you have a hammer drill, it’s not advised to use a standard bit. Find a masonry bit the size of the anchor’s diameter for hammer drills (not rotary drills).

Have a shop vac or wire brush handy for cleaning the dust from drilling. If you’re drilling over carpet, consider lining the wall with a sheet of plastic to avoid grinding any of the dust into the floor.

How To Install A TV On A Concrete Wall

Measure Twice, Cut once

Start by reading the installation instructions that comes with the wall mount. Have an extra set of hands for assistance. Once you’ve determined where the TV goes, place the TV on the mount and align where the cardboard was. Note where the bolts are on mount. Mark using a visible small ‘x’ or a dot using a pencil or marker.

Locate the concrete anchors that should come with the mount. Many wall mounts will equip the owner with the materials for working with different types of walls. If cement anchors weren’t included, they may be purchased from a local hardware store. Draw circles the diameter of the anchors centered around the marks previously made on the wall.

It is important to follow the steps above because mistakes will leave holes in the concrete and increase the amount of work that goes into drilling.

Now for the fun part

Take your drill and your anchors. Mark on the drill the depth of hole for inserting your anchor. If your drill comes with a marker, the hole should be slightly longer than the length of the anchor. For drills without that feature, tape the drill bit slightly above the anchor when lining up the tips of the bit and anchor.

Double check that the diameter of the bit matches the diameter of the anchor. Make a small hole in the wall that will guide the drilling by lightly drilling into the wall. Do so at a low speed or drill in bursts by pushing and releasing the drill’s trigger quickly. If you make an error, reposition the tip and drill lightly again.

Wrap your dominant hand around the handle and trigger. Use the other hand to support the back of the drill. Apply some force and drill straight into the wall, parallel to the floor. Don’t push too hard, as that will damage the bit. When you reach the marked depth, release the trigger and pull the drill out straight.

Clean the hole of debris by placing the shop vac against the wall. Install the wall anchor in the hole. There are a variety of cement anchors so install as directed in the instructions. Fix the mount to the wall and the TV to the mount.

It is always better to fix TV in a plain wall compared to a one with many wall storage cabinets. By following these tips we can make the process of TV installation much simpler!

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