How To Maintain Oriental Rugs For Long Time

An authentic oriental rug can last for a long time as long as you take proper precautions to protect it from the most common types of damage, as well as premature wear. Some of the common problems include moth damage, cat scratching, dog chews, pet stains, water damage, vacuum cleaner damage, sun damage, uneven wear, and chemical damage. Below are tips on how to maintain oriental rugs to make them last longer.

Regularly Rotate Antique Oriental Rugs

It is important to regularly rotate oriental area rugs. There are some experts who claim that you need to rotate rugs every one or two years, but it is ideally to rotate them every one to two months especially if the rug is placed in a high traffic area. This will distribute the wear that will give the rug a more uniform appearance, and maintain their value.

How To Maintain Oriental Rugs For Long Time

Avoid Direct Exposure to Sunlight

It is important that discount oriental rugs are kept away from the direct exposure to sunlight. It doesn’t matter whether it is morning or afternoon sunlight. Whether the rug is naturally dyed or through synthetic methods, they suffer the same fate when exposed to the sun. Some of the effects of exposure to sunlight include fading of colours and drying out of the fabric.

The problem can be avoided by keeping the curtains closed all the time, or have professionals install an invisible film to the window to filter out ultraviolet light. The mylar coating will also reduce the heat during summer and soften the glare that goes through the window.

How To Maintain Oriental Rugs For Long Time

Change the Pathway on the Oriental Rug

Another way to prevent wear and tear on oriental rugs is to change the pathway by moving the furniture on or near the rug. It will prevent wear pattern to take place, which is created when it is regularly walked on.

Prevent Damage Made by Moths

Moths are one of oriental rugs’ worst enemies. The good news is that it can be controlled easily without having to spend a lot of pest control. You just need to regularly move the rug and expose it to air and light, which can be done during oriental rug cleaning. If you need to store the rug, it should be inspected regularly. You can use moth balls as repellent while the rug is in storage.

How to Vacuum during Oriental Rug Cleaning

It is recommended to use a vacuum cleaner at low pressure when cleaning oriental rugs. You should avoid using shampoo, bleach agents, or soap to remove stains from the surface. These cleaning materials can cause major damage to the rug.

These simple oriental rugs online tips will help you maintain your rugs and make them last for a long time. If you have any doubts, you can ask a shop that offers oriental rugs for sale for tips on how to take care of your rugs.