How- To Makeover Your Bathroom On A Budget

Sometimes bathrooms just need a change of style in the house because the curtains are fraying, the towels are getting worn, and the bathroom miscellaneous is not appealing anymore. Here are several ways to remodel and remake your bathroom without burning a hole in your wallet.

Where Do I Start?

Thinking of the end product is wonderful in our minds, but the reality of the process on how to get what we want can be difficult and frustrating. Start by knowing what exactly needs changed. Do the walls need to be painted? Do I need to get a bathroom rug? Should I get a picture for the wall over the toilet? Simple needs are what should come first in your mind when remaking your bathroom.

Once simple questions have been answered and you have written them down, now think about what in the bathroom would need to change as a result your simple needs? The bathroom walls may need to be painted, and you will need pick a color that either matches everything else in the bathroom, or make a whole new color scheme.

How- To Makeover Your Bathroom On A Budget

Can I Get Anything for Sale?

Sure! In fact, it is an excellent idea to only buy bathroom items if they are on sale to stay on your budget. Many stores have discount bathroom décor all year long. These sales can range from discounted towels to cheap shower curtains. Online retailers even have several bathroom items, such as hand soap dispensers and towels to match each other, making your bathroom theme planning much easier. If you want to save a lot of money, be sure to browse outlets online to see which ones have the lowest prices.

Remember that not everything has to be expensive and ornate to be a good decoration. If you have very intricate shower curtains, you may only need hand towels or bath rugs that are one color. Some of the best bathroom designs are simple two color designs. Usually the simpler the design, the less money it will cost.

Is There Anything I’m Missing?

There may also be bathroom items that you haven’t even thought about. For example, you may want to invest in a trash can that suits bathroom colors, or bathroom storage racks you can place in the shower or even on the back of the door.

Other bathroom accessories that many people invest in are toilet roll holders, shower rod hook sets, new toilet seats, or even kids’ step stools. However, it is up to you to decide what is necessary for the bathroom versus what is not. To stay on your budget, you must only stick to what you need. If you still have extra money in your budget for additional items, then go ahead and get that shower mat you’ve always thought would come in handy.

Additional Tips

Here are some other things to keep in mind while discount shopping:

  • replace items that need replaced first
  • reuse items if they work with your new theme
  • pick a theme that makes you happy

Once you have considered all of these useful tips for your bathroom makeover, pull it together on the set aside budget and enjoy!

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