How To Move Your Home Stress Free

You are facing a new life’s challenge, a situation that requires a great deal of packing and unpacking, sorting and moving things around, all in one purpose – to move your old home to a new place.

When you come to think of it, how do you actually cram all your belongings into the removal van? What if you can’t immediately move in your new home, although all arrangements have been sorted out? Read on to find out what you can do.

Moving houses is a hell of a stress on your nerves and body, but it doesn’t have to be that way if you think in advance and make all the arrangements on time.

Prepare to Handle a Lot of Boxes, Labels and Bags

How To Move Your Home Stress Free

You surely need to equip yourself with a lot of boxes, bags and markers, and start grouping your belongings the way you deem most logical.

Also, make sure to classify the gear according to transport priorities and content – label the boxes and bags properly, so you don’t end up fishing for spare underpants in a box with china and cutlery. Remember, unpacking is equally important as packing so make it as easy for yourself as it can be.

Clean up your New Space

You may decide to do a fresh paint job on the walls and ceilings, replace locks, throw in better-insulated windows or just wipe the place clean and make sure no pipe is leaking and all taps are in good working order.

If you don’t have a ready storage solution for your belongings in the transition period, you should consider a temporary cargo space like a container shelter – extremely durable, super-easy to set up and 100% safe from would-be clutter thieves, these handy storage units are spacious enough to accommodate all your assets, including hefty furniture, fragile items, pricey electronics and various household appliances. So, why toil and fumble around with boxes and bags before you actually need your belongings?

Find a Transport Unit

How To Move Your Home Stress Free

So, it’s officially time to make yourself at home in your new residence. If you don’t own a truck or don’t have a friend with a van willing to lend a helping hand, you may try and transport your small-size gear in the trunk of your car, albeit it will probably take many a trip to and fro – or simply call in the experts and let the removal crew take care of lugging and delivery for you.

Time for Unpacking

So, your new home is neat, tidy and freshly painted, and all the boxes have safely arrived to their final destination. Good job – but what about those tattered clothing items you haven’t worn for over a year, those extra chairs that simply don’t fit in the interior décor, or a bunch of toys left lonely and dusty after your kids enrolled in college? Better get them out before they start piling up and eating up your living space – you can sell them, donate them, throw them away or pass them on to your less fortunate cousin or acquaintance.