It’s Here To Save The Day

This issue is not new for us when you need a ready supply of ice, and can’t find it anywhere, even the grocery stores run out of ice sometimes. So maybe it’s time to turn ice makers for home. These stylish unit are designed to fit neatly into your home bar, kitchen, boat or RV – use them as a freestanding unit, or build them into existing cabinetry. The black cabinet and polished stainless steel door will blend seamlessly with any decor, while the compact size means it won’t get in your way. It features a reversible door and front vents for a range of placement options. You don’t have to call a professional plumber or a science degree for this because it’s Installation is easy, and because it connects directly to your water line with the included hose you’ll never have to worry about refilling. You’ll get up to 12 pounds of restaurant-quality, crescent-shaped ice a day, enough to satisfy all your personal ice needs. So no more waiting in lines to buy ICE, no more shortage of ice during events like Parties, Picnics, Camping Trips or a personal Escape to the cabin in the woods. These little helpers will be there for you to provide you ice on the go.

It's Here To Save The Day

Have You Seen The Newairai-500ss Under Counter Icemaker

The New AI-500SS turns off automatically when the bin is full. It can be used with a water line. It is basically one of those freestanding machine for home with Stainless Steel. It can hold up to 12 Pounds of ice so no need to worry about running out of ice anymore. Its size is restively compact so it fits under counter table and corners conveniently. It comes with the free set of scoops. You can make ice within 5-6 minutes, so now you can forget about all those hustles towards the grocery shop. May be its time to give you freeze a break and bring home the NEWAIR AI-500SS ice maker.

Our Services Are Worth To Try Ice Makers For Home

The previous models of our appliances for home were such a success that we just couldn’t resist to give our customers the new and improved ice makers for home. With the durability and stability of the older units and all latest and modern features of today’s fast paced lifestyle, our product works its way in your lives like a living breathing family member. In just $332.95 & FREE shipping you can have the new NEWAIR AI-500SS and have a peace of mind for the life time. With the 3 year warranty to enjoy for just $28.00 and 2 Year warranty plan for $19.98, it’s a deal to bargain for. Call in our customer care services to know more about the products, we will help you make the right decision to buy the stuff that matters most. So no need to waste your time and money anywhere else.