Make Any Pool A Lap Pool With Badu Jet Swim Jets

You’ve invested in a swimming pool at your home and enjoy swimming for hours in it. You have found a great way to exercise and have fun at home. How about taking it up a notch by installing a swim jet and instantly transforming your ordinary pool into an exercise pool? Better yet, convert your swimming pool into a swim spa lap pool for endless hours of fun and exercise.

How do you do this in the best way and yet the most cost effective way without breaking the bank? That’s where Badu Jet swim jets come in. With a range of products manufactured by Speck Pumps, the world leader in the water treadmill category, and utilizing German engineering of the highest quality, Badu Jets swim jets give you value for money and value for life.

Make Any Pool A Lap Pool With  Badu Jet Swim Jets

The Badu Jet Inspiration is a swim jet system that converts your swimming pool into a lap pool, giving you aerobic exercise while having fun, thus doubling and even tripling the returns of your investment in the pool and in the system.

With 2 years of warranty, against the one year of warranty offered by most competitors in this category, you can be sure that with Badu Jet you can never go wrong. Best of all, this is an easy installation that you can do yourself! The DIY nature of the Badu Jet Inspiration swim jet system ensures that you do not have to pay anything extra for complicated installation procedures.

The Badu Jet Inspiration swim jet system comes creates a water treadmill which gives you the experience of swimming against a steady current. This works in both in-ground and above-ground swimming pools. It has two adjustable nozzles for the water jet to flow. The pump is self-priming. The amount of air bubbles in the water is easily controlled by the air regulator.

The Badu Jet Inspiration swim jet system is capable of adjusting the jet of water to provide resistance in the pool that is comparable to a jog or walk. So you don’t need to get out of your house and onto the street to achieve that level of aerobic fitness and exercise. With Badu Jet Inspiration swim jet system, you can comfortably and enjoyably exercise in the comfort of your own swimming pool which has now been transformed into a lap pool. The system gives a comparable experience to that of a treadmill, while giving you the opportunity to do long distance swimming to whatever level you are comfortable with.

Best of all, the Badu Jet Inspiration swim jet system has a massage hose that you can use to soothe those tired muscles after your workout. This gives you a refreshing massage with its pulsating effect.

The Badu Jet Inspiration swim jet system comes at an affordable price less than $4000, which makes it almost $20k cheaper than its nearest competitor.