Mattress Technology and Materials and How It All Works

Mattresses are now part and parcel of every individual’s life. Every individual has one where they can retire to when they finally call it a day. It therefore remains such a special and essential commodity for every human, and especially for those who can afford it.

And while there have been many mattress brands like you will find at the cutpricemattresses online store, you can check the list of mattress brands here, there is this one that gets you thinking, How is it like sleeping on a NASA mattress?” You know NASA-those guys who go to the moon and bring back scientific information? And in addition, the mattress is made up of memory material. So does the NASA mattress get you the feel of floating on the moon? And does your memory shoot up when you sleep on one? Well before I started asking myself what is the truth behind this statement, so many of my friends were already showing off their treasure’ and it looked like I was the dumb one. So I thought why not find out what this NASA mattress is all about.

Mattress Technology and Materials and How It All Works

Well, just like I imagined; it was all a marketing language. I for sure salute marketers, they have a way of having you see glory’ in what you would otherwise not have given thought to were you to know what it truly was.

So what are NASA mattresses truly made of? It is a long story. Way back in the 70s, the memory material was used to make seats that would be able to handle the pressure changes when taking off from earth and when they re-enter earth. This was because the memory materials has a way it adjusts to different pressure levels. But soon it found its way to the hospitals to help with patients who have postural issues.

Given the cost of the material, the NASA mattresses could not be produced for mass production and has ended up in the medical field. Even then, these mattresses were meant for astronaut’s seats and not for sleeping. It then must be something else apart from NASA.