Moving Tips For The Stressed Homeowner

Making a move, even a local move, can prove so stressful. After all, you’re making plans to transition from a home you have called your own for a number of years to a new residence in a new area with much that isn’t familiar to you today. That makes for one stressed homeowner and you haven’t even started! Here’s how to manage your life when the moving stress hits the fan.

1. Stressed spelled backwards is…. One way to manage stress is to remember what the word stressed means when it is spelled backwards: desserts! This should serve as your mantra going forward — that you will take the necessary breaks to manage your stress by imbibing in a favorite dessert. Eating a slice of triple chocolate fudge cake may not vanquish your troubles, but it will put everything in perspective. Enjoy that slice of life with a good friend and share the memories of your relationship.

Moving Tips For The Stressed Homeowner

2. This too shall pass. Maintaining a philosophical approach to your move can work wonders. You may be knee deep in boxes and packing material, but one day you will have all this behind you. Visualize you and your loved ones living in your new home with nary a box nor a packing label in sight. You’ll be there before you know it, so live outside the moment and consider how life will be when you’re settled in.

3. Help is nearby, so take it. Homeowners can become needlessly overwhelmed when they attempt to do everything themselves. After all, it is their job to do all the grunt work and ensure that their home is ready for the move. Well, yes and no. Yes, you have to make sure everything is done. No, you don’t have to do it all yourself. Good friends may have offered to help, so find practical ways to enlist their support. One friend may take your children for the day. Another friend may welcome your dog or cat. Still other friends may show up for a packing party. And more friends than you expect may be willing to cook a meal or transport your son or a daughter to piano lessons, a soccer game or to visit the grandparents. Don’t be so hesitant to ask!

4. Take off from work. You don’t think you have time to take off from work, but in reality you do. After all, you’re not as productive at work when you are contacting moving companies, asking the doctor’s office for copies of your medical files or handling other tasks while your productivity goes south. Even if there is only one day you can take off, make the most of it. Your concentration will be entirely on your move as your work responsibilities are put on hold. Likely, you’ll accomplish more in one day at home than you would have juggling two weeks of work with your move explains Allied Moving Companies.

5. Say good-bye early and often. You can start your goodbyes at any time, but you should know that it is a process that will go on as long as you remain in your old home. It can be a sad time for some and that’s okay. You need to relish the company of your friends and cherish those times you spent together. For some people, the farewells will be a “see you later” as you plan meeting up again in the future. Make tentative plans now and you will know that you will see each other again. Perhaps a group vacation will help you and your trusty friends stay in touch again in the future.

Plan, Plan, Plan

You can relieve much of the stress you will experience through careful planning. That planning can be accomplished by using a planning book or an app to help you track everything. The great unknown and the vague can cause much stress. Having everything in one place, such as in a file, will enable you to keep track of things better. Make your move in confidence, but lay out a workable plan before you start.