Revitalizing Your Home With Spring Cleaning Tips

Here are some simple suggestions to make your spring-cleaning easier and simpler.

Sensible Cleaning Methods:

When cleaning up the entire home, work from the top to down, that is, from upstairs to downstairs. If you are cleaning both the inside and the outside of the home, begin by cleaning the inside and then the outside, so that you don’t dirty what has already been cleaned. Make an attempt at cleaning rooms, one room at a time, so that you don’t end up with unfinished jobs, in all the rooms. You will also get greater job satisfaction, when you see one room all clean and sparkling. This will infuse you with a lot of energy to make the other rooms also go the same way. It seems like the effort is surely worth it.

Tidying and Dumping:

While you tidy up the rooms, reduce the number of trips that you make around the house by temporarily dumping all the stuff, which you don’t want, in a single spot. This will surely not be the final destination for the unwanted stuff, but can serve as a temporary dump area. Later, when you are finished with the cleaning of the area, you can collect the entire dump and deposit it in the permanent place.

Revitalizing Your Home With Spring Cleaning Tips

Mops and Rags:

Before you vacuum a place, you need to dust it. Dusting should also be done before you mop or clean it. You can make use of feather dusters, especially the extendable ones. These are very useful for reaching high spots, corners and other unreachable areas. You can also make use of rags and other bits of cloth for damp cleaning. Natural fibers are the best option for rags and cleaning material. When you buy mops, make sure to purchase ones that offer a squeeze feature. You will also need a good, heavy-duty pail that has a measuring scale, so that your water soap ratios are correct. When standing the brooms, don’t let them lie on the bristle side, as this will spoil the shape and they will no longer be effective for reuse. Make use of a broom holder for holding the brooms. A Swiffer can be really useful for dusting.

Avoid Chemicals:

There are natural and affordable options for all toxic cleaning materials. All you need is to take a look inside your pantry. You will find that Vinegar is almost as effective as a chemical disinfectant. It has fantastic cleaning capabilities, especially when you mix it with warm water. It is also very effective for cleaning floors. Just mix some baking soda and water with vinegar to create a paste. You can use this for removing stains in the living room, the bathroom, the kitchen and any other surface. Lemon is also another non-toxic and green ingredient that can be used for cleaning. It helps cut grease and also offers refreshing fragrance to the room.

Shopping for Green Products:

 It can be quite an overwhelming task to shop for green home cleaning products. The best way to do this is to search for natural ingredients that are listed on the label and look out for a good eco certification. This will indicate that all the ingredients used are environmentally safe. There are many cleaning sprays made from such plant-based ingredients and they can work wonders while cleaning your home. In addition, they are also gentle on your skin.

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