Scandinavian Interior Design

You may be surprised, but the beauty of Scandinavian design hasn’t been accepted until the 1950

Since then this way of decorating has brought recognition to many Scandinavian designers. Such design is popular in Scandinavian countries. It is big and eclectic. It is characterized by simplicity, functionality and minimalism.

What can you learn from these simple European ways of decoration and how they are different from other styles of decoration?

Today we give you the 5 unique Scandinavian ways of interior decoration:

1. Neutral Colors in the Interior

Peaceful colors, light blue tones, cold gray, white and crème can be seen in almost any Scandinavian interior, and you can say that this scheme has become a trademark for this style. These colors are unique in Scandinavian minimalism, while in America they are not common. But, not all Scandinavian interiors are minimalist, and with neutral colors. Actually, there are designers that use graphic and colorful schemes. Whether you minimalistic or bold in your interior, you can get it either way.

Scandinavian Interior Design

2. White Floor

Unlike American homes, a carpet is not common in European interior. Scandinavian designers prefer using simple white wood, sometimes from the floor to the ceiling. It is reasonable why such a thing is common, because when you look at how the rooms are designed, white wooden floors make the space more open, clean and transparent.  If the floor is not white wood – it is definitely light colored wood, birch or pine, in some cases grey stone imitations. Imitate this, because it is surely a design that won’t bore you in the future.

3. Let a lot of Light in your Interior

There isn’t a better way to let light into your interior than to use big windows that stretch from the floor to the ceiling. This is one of the most common ways of Scandinavian design, although windows that are smaller are not uncommon, as soon as they let a lot of light in the room. But, too much light is not always a good choice. If you have a lot of light coming into your room and if it is blinding, find a way to block it when you need to. Install blinds, they’ll do wonders for you.

4. The Love for Nature

Scandinavians have a true love for nature, using every chance to spend their time in activities outside the home. Of course that time is decreased during the winter, so they bring nature in their home, using a number of plants and furniture that imitates the nature through rustic wood.

5. White walls in the Interior

This is a design that personifies Scandinavian decoration – white walls, old clocks, crystal chandeliers, white sheets and colorful details. We all see why this design is copied across Europe so much, because it is peaceful and calming. If this is the type of decoration you love, then you have to buy a few antiques. This can be very easily replicated. Paint a piece of furniture so it looks rustic.

Laura Hansen is a creative freelance writer for industries that include but are not limited to the home design, nature, fashion, and much more. When not blogging, Laura likes to travel, shop and read a lot.