Sears: The Terrific Source Of Quality Tools

If you’ve never used Craftsman tools, you haven’t really experienced why true American-quality workmanship carries the prestigious reputation it does. American build quality means you get the best bang for your buck, and you get a product that will usually last you a lifetime. Most times the product will last through your life, your childrens, and your grandchildrens. In fact, if you buy these tools from Sears they’ll honor the lifetime warranty directly at the store. Although it’s rare to actually use the warranty, it’s pretty sweet that you can buy a socket wrench and redeem it for a new one—no questions asked—ten years later if it stops clicking. The great thing about this program is that a tool failing to operate is usually the result of abuse or “pushing it too hard”, but Sears and Craftsman don’t care. They claim to make the best, and they stand by the promise so adamantly they’ll replace it for you in the event you wreck it. Most companies will shoo you away when they see the item has seen some harsh treatment.

At the moment, they’re giving a 10% military discount on all items under their “Tools” category. It’s not available to be redeemed online, so you’ll have to go to the store to use it. So for you military guys out there, it’s definitely worth getting your tools at Sears. There’s rumor they may eventually switch to a verification service so you can get a Sears military discount without having to go into the store, but that doesn’t currently exist. If that changes, the employees will be able to let you know.

Sears: The Terrific Source Of Quality Tools

For the time being though, just plan on getting in the store and asking for the discount they provide the old fashioned way. Of course, don’t be rude if you don’t get it!

Sears offers a wide variety of products for your home, though word on the street is they may not be around much longer. As the premier provider for Craftsman tools, it’s going to be really disappointing when they’re no longer around. Rather than go under, hopefully they maintain a smaller set of stores that still sells Craftsman tools (especially with that military discount—around bases, you guys make up a big chunk of the customer base).

One thing I will suggest: stay away from their mechanics. Just because Sears is a terrific automotive store doesn’t mean you’re going to get great mechanic-quality labor. In fact, they’re more on-par with a large retail giant like Walmart. Everything is “by the numbers” there, and when they run into really minor little issues they don’t actually care if they get them resolved. Your best bet for automotive issues (except for maintenance items, of course) is to go to your neighborhood mechanic. Although it’ll add another trip to your tools collection errand, the beauty is that a guy who owns a small shop will actually care about your repeat business. The kids at Sears really don’t. That’s not to speak bad about Sears at all, it’s just that kids who work for big companies don’t see that much value in keeping a customer happy. Ever been to Best Buy?

Anyway, Sears is a terrific source of quality tools (especially Craftsman) at great prices. If you’re Active Duty military or even a Veteran, there’s a really great chance you’re going to get an extra discount on those tools. Just be sure to bring your ID.