Sound Clarity Makes For An Awesome Experience

Having clear sound clarity is one of the most important aspects of hosting an event or concert. Hosts want to be sure that everyone that is attending the event can hear what is being said by the presenter, host or keynote speaker. Acoustics play an important role to assure that this is taking place, no matter how large or small the venue might be.


Having the proper acoustics in place helps with sound transference. The word acoustic is derived from the Greek word akoustikos. This word was used to describe anything that was related to hearing. While acoustics relate to everything in the world of hearing, it is more widely associated with events that require that everything can be heard clearly by everyone in their audience.

Conference Centres

Conference Centres wishing to maximize their space are well-served to invest in sound control customised acoustic panels to suit your finish. These acoustic panels are attractive and available in a number of different finishes, including maple, cherry, pine, oak and other exotic finishes. Acoustic panels can be used for noise reduction and noise control. When a keynote speaker is on stage and giving his speech, you want to be sure that everyone in the room can clearly hear what he has to say. Properly installed acoustics can help reduce the amount of background noise going on in busy areas where multiple booths are set up for sponsors of the event. When background noise is reduced, attendees can hear better and focus on the conversation they are having at the time.


Houses of worship are well served to consider putting an acoustic system to use. When the reverend of the church makes a sermon, it is important for everyone in the church to hear what is being said. Custom acoustic panels help to assure that everyone in attendance can hear the good word. Acoustic panels also help make the choir or solo performer sound clear and concise. There is nothing worse than reverberations or unexpected spikes in the audio clarity in church. Screeching and hissing are distracting and take away from the message.

Sound Clarity Makes For An Awesome Experience

In Home

It comes as no surprise that more homeowners are considering the use of acoustic panels in their home. Acoustic panels are helpful for noise control in media rooms and large open spaces. People that are active in the music industry might even have a music studio in their home so they can work whenever they want from the comfort of their home. Custom acoustics help reduce ambient noise for a quieter, more peaceful living space. Since there are many options available for acoustic panelling, homeowners can select the type of wood or acoustic material that suits their sound control needs the best without sacrificing the look of their home. In fact, acoustic panelling makes many homes look even better!

Live Music

There is nothing quite as exhilarating as listening to music that has exceptional music clarity. High-quality music sounds excellent. When done correctly, listeners can feel the rumbling of the bass and cerebral feel of every note in the song. Live music venues such as the 02 Arena, the Wembley Arena and the Manchester Arena are preferred by top performers because of the outstanding acoustics they have in place to make every concert one that is to be remembered. Acoustics are a very important aspect of every live concert experience. When the acoustics of a music venue are off, the sound quality of the live performance suffers. When sound quality is poor, people who paid money to see the event are often unhappy with their decision to purchase tickets. When people want to experience a live music experience, acoustics play a major part in whether or not the event is enjoyable. Opera houses and smaller live music venues also use acoustics to deliver a higher level of audio enjoyment. While these venues might not be as large as the 02 Arena, people still expect a higher level of audio quality when attending concerts at events hosted at these venues. Opera singers are known for hitting the highest of high notes and the lowest of low notes. When the proper acoustics are in place, everyone that is listening can tell the difference. This really is the reason that people come back to hear live music again and again.


Large concert halls are not the only venue that relies heavily on acoustics to satisfy customers. Movie theatres also rely on acoustics to make the experience at their business more memorable. The movie theatre experience would not be same if not for acoustics, especially in the case of action movies. Action movies are known for loud explosions, high-speed car chases and suspense. If the proper acoustical systems are not being used, these movie moments lose their impact and the movie experience degrades. Let’s face it, one of the major reasons that people go to movies is for the big screen and big sound experience. When there is an explosion on screen, people in the audience want to really hear and feel it, almost as if they were there in person. The sounds and visuals of movies complement the story lines for a true movie experience. The true surround sound experience makes the film feel like you are involved in the action. The acoustic designs of theatres have undergone major upgrades in recent years to accommodate high definition movies and even 3D movies. This is a far cry from films humble origins where movies were silent and filmed in black and white.


Whether you realize it or not, the use of acoustics are everywhere around you. Even restaurants use acoustic panels to help control noise within their space. Acoustic panels help reduce kitchen noise and create a “homier” feel for patrons. They control and absorb noises that might otherwise be distracting and annoying to patrons. By doing this, the owners are making a better experience for everyone, including their employees.