Steps To Take When Renovating A Flat

Have you bought a flat as a steal? Well, you would want to renovate it in the manner you want your home. Renovating a flat is not a big deal, well it is not a simple task too! It includes certain steps and things to take care of and also complete. Here we describe the important steps that you should complete when renovating your flat.

Evaluate Your Project

First of all, you have to consider the reasons for flat renovation and see if the expense and disruption is justified. There could be things that you can do yourself and rest by professionals. So, plan the project accordingly.

Arrange Finance for Flat Renovation

Consider your budget and determine the amount that you need to borrow. Contact banks or other financial organization for arranging a mortgage. Examine your budget and make changes to it if necessary.

Go for the Designer

You will come across a wide range of designers when you look around for renovating your flat. To choose the best, you can make a research, discuss your project with some designers and then make your choice. Work with the designer to generate the design for the renovation. Discuss the ideas for materials, fixtures and fittings with the designer. Do you want to send a parcel to Hong Kong? Well, Courierpoint is here to help you!

Steps To Take When Renovating A Flat

Choose a Project Manager

If you are able to manage the project yourself, you can avoid appointing a project manager. On the other hand, you can choose a project manager if you are busy with your profession or other important things.

Select the Builder and Other Workers

Gather tenders and quotes from renowned builders in your area. Check if they can work within your deadlines and then choose other workers.

Sign the Contract

Make a contract that includes all the details such as guarantee from the builder, insurance, payment schedules and other issues and then get it signed by both parties.

Get Necessary Consents and Certificate from Authorities

If you have not done this earlier, then get it immediately before starting renovation.

Start Construction

When construction work starts, you can consider sharing your home with the tradespeople so that you can monitor the progress, pay bills and manage unexpected issues. Take assistance from the Council for building inspections and keep in mind the safety issues in your area.

Final Inspection

Organize the final compliance with Building Code and get a code compliance certificate.

Finally, make your own final review and coordinate builder and council to resolve any issues.