Stone Veneer: A Great Idea To Use In Homes

When it comes to remodeling or new construction of any residential or commercial building, there are so many things people need to think about. At this time, the major consideration is the type of stone to use in different places. There are different types of stone products available in the market to choose from. It is essential to choose a stone product that will be able to complement your home décor and beauty. If you want to get a sophisticated and beautiful appearance, then a stone veneer is an ideal choice. These stones can enhance the worth of your residential building.

Types of Stone Veneer

There are generally some kinds of stone veneer, but two of them are most essential, natural thin and manufactured veneers. Manufactured stone veneer is made up of the amalgamation of cement, some natural stone elements and dyes to reconstruct the appearance of the real stone. These stone products are available in any style or color that includes products made to copy limestone, Fieldstone, sandstone, river rock and granite. While on the other hand, most of the people prefer to make use of natural thin veneers due to the reason that they are natural, lightweight, and environmentally friendly and economical. Since these products are eye pleasing in nature, various persons are selecting these stones while creating their homes.

Stone Veneer A Great Idea To Use In Homes


By making use of any types of stone veneers for different places in your homes, you can save your huge amount of money because they are lightweight and easy to carry, reducing the labor, installation and maintenance costs. Natural stone veneers are preferred among manufactured ones. There are various reasons behind the application of natural stone veneers. Natural veneers are high quality products because their color does not fade than artificial ones. Benefits of natural Stone Veneer Toronto are mentioned below:

  • Masons can tackle and install these types of stone products in just half the time substitute to full veneer.
  • They are lightweight in nature when you make comparisons between half and full veneers.
  • Natural thin stone veneers are available in all the natural shades and colors.
  • As thin stone needs less space, commercial vehicles can bring huge quantities in a single shipment.
  • Some other advantages are they can be personalized trimmed and cut in order to fulfill all your needs and specifications, if you require them in angles other than ninety degrees.

Stone Veneer Application

Stone veneer products can be installed around arches in rooms, living areas, kitchens and also a fireplace enclosure. If these products are properly installed in room arches, they provide the impression that the places are actually made up of stone, or at least have several stone supporting attributes. You can also use these stones in your kitchens on the walls or backsplashes for sinks or beneath a kitchen island. No matter where you want to install the stone veneer of any type and shade, it really matches your home décor and environment to provide it more aesthetic appearance and value easily and effectively.