Textiles and Soft Furnishings In The Home

Picking the right curtains for your home is essential to creating the right ambiance and atmosphere. In fact, many people often look at curtains and cushions first to allow them to determine what colour palette they are going to use to theme each of the rooms in their home. So with such an array of colours and materials available it is crucial to spend some time doing your homework and finding the perfect textiles and soft furnishings for your home.

Curtains are probably the best place to start when it comes to sourcing textiles as they are likely to be the most expensive and if you need them to be made to measure then that may take time. Here are some things to consider when looking for curtains.

Textiles and Soft Furnishings In The Home

1. How big are your windows? This may seem obvious, but it is crucial to properly measure up your windows both in terms of width and height and ensuring that any curtains you consider are at least 15cm taller and 15% wider (curtains must be significantly wider than the window to get a nice pleat effect even when they are closed).

2. How do you want to hang the curtains? There are several choices for this

    a. Poles are the easiest way to hang curtains as the poles themselves are easy to put up and you can simply attach the curtains using hoops. Good quality poles can be relatively expensive though, so other options might be more cost effective.

    b. Rails are a much cheaper alternative as they are typically made of plastic and can be easily cut to measure. If you want to hang curtains from rails, however, you’ll need hooks and a little bit of patience to thread them into your curtains

    c. Wires can also be considered if you are choosing very fine curtains or nets/voiles. These really are not suitable, however, for heavy fabric curtains as they will cause the wires to bow in the middle.

3. Do you want your poles/rails hidden? Some people are particularly fussy when it comes to hiding away the structure that keeps their curtains aloft as they consider them to be ugly. Personally, I don’t agree with this as some poles are beautiful in their own right, but if you feel you must hide the pole or rail then you’ll need a pelmet or valance. It’s important to consider this upfront as finding a matching valance to existing curtains might not be possible and the cost of adding a valance might not be insignificant.

4. How do you want to tie the curtains back? This is something many people overlook when thinking about curtains. Some are happy to simply pull their curtains back and allow them to hang naturally, but I think it is much tidier and aesthetically pleasing to keep them held with tiebacks or tassels. These come in a range of colours and styles including fabric and metal so the key here is to find something that complements the curtains and is sympathetic to your existing décor.