The 7 Hallmarks Of The Outstanding Luxury Estate Agent

When it comes to selling or buying an outstanding luxury property, there’s little of more importance than siding with an equally outstanding agent. From guidance on how to find a luxury property in London to selling for the right price and within an amicable timeframe, it’s generally the agent that facilitates every step of the process from beginning to end.

Of course, for those new to the idea of luxury property investment and resale it can come across as a tough nut to crack. After all, with hundreds of agents pleading their own cases and claiming to be every bit the superior choice, how can any member of the public separate the wheat from the chaff, so to speak?

Well, in truth it all comes down to a few key traits – you might want to think of them as the seven hallmarks that separate the decent luxury property agents from the truly extraordinary.

Hallmark 1 – Client Support

First up, any quality estate agent will be more than happy to provide you with a list of the properties they’ve sold recently, which you can then use to reach out to their past clients for a few key insights. Now, it’s of course true to say that most will be far more inclined to provide you with the details of those they know will sing their praises, but it shouldn’t be too difficult to find out what’s being said about them in general. Speak to past clients and use the web too for research purposes and feedback retrieval.

The 7 Hallmarks Of The Outstanding Luxury Estate Agent

Hallmark 2 – Qualifications and Accreditations

Is it necessary for the agent of your choosing to have won multiple awards? To have been named the best in the business? Not at all, but you should at least be on the lookout for information and evidence of the education and general backgrounds of those behind the brand. It’s basically a case of ascertaining whether they’re doing what they do as something of a long-term commitment that was always their goal, of whether you might be looking at an agent who just ‘fell’ into the industry as a means of making money.

Hallmark 3 – Time in Business

Perhaps even more important than education and accreditations is the time they’ve been in business. Now, it’s not necessarily advisable to only ever do business with those that have been around for decades, but at the same time a few years of experience breed solid peace of mind. The longer they’ve been in business, the more time they’ve had to hone their talents, get to know their locality and build connections with others across the industry.

Hallmark 4 – Luxury Property Exclusivity

Always be mindful of the fact that there is a very big difference between an estate agent that lists a few luxury properties and an agent that only works with luxury properties. It’s not to say you cannot get a great deal and service package with the former, but it’s only by working with a dedicated professional that it becomes genuinely possible to guarantee such an outcome. The simple fact of the matter is that luxury property represents a very different ball game entire, so you need to ensure your agent is committed and up to speed.

Hallmark 5 – Local Knowledge and Specialism

London represents a prime example of why it’s crucially important to choose an agent with comprehensive local knowledge. Move any home a block to the south and chances are its value will jump or plummet astronomically – it’s not the kind of place where assumptions can be made or advice given without an incredible knowledgebase. So along with world-class talent in the field of luxury property sales and purchase, on outstanding agent needs to be little less than a guru of local knowledge.

Hallmark 6 – Current Portfolio

When and where you come across a luxury estate agent with a pretty sparse or nigh-on empty portfolio, it doesn’t pain a particularly reassuring business. After all, if they really are so great at what they do, why does nobody seem to want to do business with them? By contrast, if their current portfolio is one that’s well-populated, it’s often a good sing that the agent is indeed trusted and successful.

Hallmark 7 – Deal Closure Rates

Last but not least, it’s one thing to have a packed portfolio but it’s another entirely to be able to close deals at an outstanding rate and for the right prices on each and every occasion. As such, it’s important for an agent to be able to prove how well they perform when put to the test by disclosing (upon request) their deal closure rates. Any refusal to do is usually a sign that there’s really nothing good to say.