The Permanent Glossy Effect Of Paint Markers

With the advancement in science and technology we have come across a number of things that are not merely identified as objects rather of high worth and essence. One of such things is the paint markers which has currently been popular in a rapid manner. Now what is a paint marker? It is a kind of a marker pen used to make permanent writing. Generally, this type of marker is used to write on things that you want even after many years. Paint markers are particularly used to write on paper, stone, metals or glass. It has a large number of users starting from school going students to large business men. In fact, in some places people use to make designs in their home through such markers.

The Permanent Glossy Effect Of Paint Markers

Exclusive Features of a Paint Marker:

The unique and interesting features of an oil based paint marker are as follows –

  • Available in many dazzling colors for using it in both dark and light surfaces
  • It may be found in xylene or xylene free
  • Marks glossy as well as opaque writing
  • These types of markers can be applied to vertical and horizontal surfaces of wood, rubber, plastic and many others.
  • It is quick-drying and capable of resisting water. So this feature makes it all the more popular in the market.
  • These paint markers are easy and convenient to use for each and every individual.
  • This is much better than using chalk while writing on board.

Most Important Component of a Paint Marker:

For any kind of writing object the first and foremost element is its ink. For the paint markers you will find a large number of places providing you the ink at reasonable prices. In case of a permanent marker users use permanent inks including spirit based inks. But when it comes to paint marker you need to use oil-based paint as its ink. You need to shake it well and then write.

Paint Marker v/s Permanent Marker:

  1. As already mentioned above the ink is different in both the markers.
  2. With the exposure to UV rays the writing created by permanent markers may fade away while it does not happen in case of paint markers.
  3. The paints used in the permanent marker have a lasting impact than the paints of paint marker. As a matter of fact that whatever you paint through an oil-based marker will not be permanent. It can be removed by imposing it under high pressure cleaning or by using paint solvent.
  4. Since writings of paint markers can be removed, it can also be replaced by new writings without wasting the object unlike in the case of permanent markers.

Things to be Remembered:

  • The paint marker consists of some toxic compounds such as xylene or toluene that are highly dangerous for our health. So you need to ensure that kids are away from it while you use paint markers.
  • It generates volatile organic compounds while writing and painting as is found in spray paint. So it is better to use it in the area with good ventilation.
  • Since these markers have certain features that are hazardous to our health, the users can use them by having a proper mask around the face or gloves for your hands.
  • You have to be alert and see to it that in no way the paint goes through your skin or you inhale it.
  • As this is made up of organic toxic compounds it may start irritation in our eyes while using so you need to take proper precaution for your eyes.

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